Is Chuck Todd Correct

The Obama Administration and previous Congress(es) identified the countries immediately affected by an “Executive Order” on immigration enacted Friday Jan. 27, 2017 under the incoming Trump Administration.

Included Countries Excluded Countries
Iraq Saudi Arabia
Syria Egypt
Iran Pakistan
Libya Afghanistan


Those first seven countries were named by Congress in 2016 as “countries of concern.”

Jan 29, 2017: While interviewing Reince Priebus, Chuck Todd (Meet The Press) brought up the other four countries pressing Priebus on why the new Administration did not include “the excluded countries”! Chuck Todd asserts (without providing any reference of fact) about travelers from the “Excluded Countries”…

Here’s what I’m confused about, when you look at those folks that have committed terrorist attacks in this country, killed American’s – Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. You have more terrorist have come from those three counties than any of the seven, that in fact, you have Saudi Arabia, more have come from Saudi Arabia to kill Americans, than the seven countries combined. Why was Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Egypt, not included on this list” … “if you are so concern about this issue.

Having been in office for a total of eight (8) days, Todd should not have been asking this question of Reince Priebus or the new Administration! And, it’s not the question any American with a clear head – is thinking of.

If Chuck Todd is correct, even if NBC and Todd smudged the numbers and information for a “gotcha moment” on air…

Why were Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Egypt not included on this list by the Obama Administration/Congress?

And, why did he (Chuck Todd) not ask Obama’s Administration the same question?

Most Americans may understand why Chuck Todd never asked this question of anyone in Obama’s Administration. NBC and Todd have been identified among those in Media who have worked to benefit both Obama and the Clinton’s.

But “why these countries were not included by Obama’s Administration” is the more important question. We’ll look into possible reasons and update this work.