President Trump’s Words

Word Use: President Trump vs. Obama

How does President Trump’s use of words compare with that of Obama and most Democrats in Congress.

During the February 28, 2017 Address to Congress, President Trump used words with significant difference compared to Obama during his first Address to Congress in 2009.

Its important to pay attention to how Politicians talk to the American Voter as much as what they say about voters. In this work, we highlight the use of “key words” and compared them between two Presidents to see what they think about the position and the United States.

According to written transcripts, President Trump used the word “I” only three (3) times during his entire speech. In contrast, President Obama used “I” sixty (60) times and in twenty-one (21) sentences, Obama used “I” as the first word of the sentence. The importance of “I” is in its possessive use drawing the center of attention to the speaker.


We 61 76
Our 44 101
I 49 1
I’ (m / ve) 11 2
I (first word use) 21 1
My 11 9
You 38 9
Your 15 5

Words like “Our” and “We” tend to be inclusive but the context of how they are used needs to be considered. Obama speeches seemed more driven towards inclusion of Government as the center of Politicians dedicated to high moral objectives. Washington Elite Politicians speaking in public forums always seem to follow suit regardless of party.

Whereas President Trump speaks to the People with unity. Something not seen with such committment since President Reagan. Trump speaks of the united effort of all Americans necessary to keep America a country governed by the People and for the People.

The use of the word “You” takes an agressive stance which tends to single out individuals and individual groups of people. Words like “My” are as bad as “I” in that it centers on the speaker as if no body else exist or contributes. In these contexts, Politicians make the job all about the speaker with a lot less emphasis on Citizens who elected them. Equally, these are the elected officials who have demonstrated a history of telling voiters what they want to hear to get elected, but fail to execute on their promisses once in office.

Its as important to listen to what Politicians say in the entire context of what they say as it is to listen to how they say it. We simply can’t rely on the messages Media conveys to readers.

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