Rule vs Word of Law

Selective Application of Law

by: Your Favorite Politicians and Public Servants


The Rule of Law vs. The Word of Law

In contrast to its legal principle “that law should govern a nation, as opposed to being governed by random decisions of individual government officials“, the “Rule of Law” as executed in recent decades actually opposes the “Word of Law” as written.

As used and demonstrated in this series,
the “ Rule of Law is the interpretation of law dynamically modified to selectively apply (and/or ignore) the written “Words of Law” as necessary to fit an immediate need by actors of Government and the Judicial System“.
Essentially, the “random decisions of individual government officials”.

Republicans originated renewed emphasis on the term “Rule of Law” in political speak during Obama’s two terms as U.S. President. The Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court used the term extensively in a 2017 address suggesting the ligitamcy of sanctuary cities and states is the “Rule of Law”.

Inasmuch, writings in this series are True Stories about private citizens trampled on by Government. We navigate through Private, Public and Court documentation, Codes of Federal Regulations (CFR’s) and State Laws to demonstrate how Officials and Agencies of State, including the Judicial System consistently violate the “Rule of Law”, “Word of Law” and Justice!

Presidential Candidate James Richard Perry, former Governor of Texas used the term often but some Republicans are big violators of the “Word of Law” and thus proven to violate the very principles of the “Rule of Law” and public trust.

By no means should the personal application of the “Rule of Law” be considered isolated to Republicans or Washington. Those that dig the deepest into our pockets are closer to home – executed by public servants working for our local cities, counties and states.

The 2016 nomination of someone under criminal investigation with questionable integrity (and surrounding Political Decisions) is only one example of how Democrats use their personal “Rules of Law”. The latest “Special Investigation” regarding Trump, the 2016 Election and Russia is the most proliferated subluminal effort out of Washington’s Swamp.

In most cases, there are financial rewards for the “Business of State” (any government agency) and optics for the Politicians! The problems with our city, county and state employees (public servants) are a combination of workloads, laziness, ignorance, retaliation, manipulation and intent – where public employees are knowingly negligent.

In many cases, the ‘Bad Actors’ use the Color of Law (violations of Civil Rights) to entrap and extort money from the average citizen. In other cases, the word of law is twisted into the rule of law for both personal and political purposes. In all cases, it is the employees (elected officials, appointed and hired) of Government stealing and/or intentionally penalizing citizens financially. Where the funds end up in the hands of the same Governments.

President Trump may be willing to challenge the Political-Status-Quo and Drain-the-Swamp but we’re seeing live coverage of the Political Swamp-Rats and Media in action, the opposition from both sides is as strong as they are embedded in the collusion and political corruption that has fallen on America.

Don’t expect anyone but those who vote to fix Washington problems. What happens in Washington (and locally) is the problem of all American Citizens of legal age to vote.

This page (right column) documents actual cases of fraud within Government and what they call in the legal world “wonton negligence” meaning ‘deliberate’. The Personnel and Public Agencies range from local Police and Courts to State Attorney Generals and Governors to Federal Agencies.

In the end, only voters can fix the broader problem. But Public Employees, working for the Largest Corporation in America (Government) earning 70% more than the private sector needs to step up and give us the proficiency taxation is paying for.