President Trump Willing to Bypass Media

President Trump
Willing to Bypass Media


“I’m Making This Presentation Directly to the American People”


Despite dubious claims of Presidential Candidates “Barrack Hussein Obama” and “Hillary Rodham-Clinton” to be the most “transparent” Politicians in history, President Donald J. Trump is bypassing the Information Gatekeepers of Media and going directly to The People of America!

A video of President Trump’s press conference on Thursday, February 16, 2017 was not available on the White House Press Pages at the time of this writing but was Published by the New York Times along with a transcript prepared by the Federal News Service.

It’s usually difficult to watch or listen to an entire Presidential Press Conference but you couldn’t put this one down. For many, it’s refreshing to see a U.S. President stand up to Media Misdirection Calling Out Reporters and News Agencies (in plain English) for what they are and what they have become – in my word: Propagandist!

Get past President Trump’s “New York Speak” and you’ll see how different the White House speaks and sounds when a Republican is in office. Most millennials are oblivious to times when Congressional and White House Politics stood for and addressed all Americans. Only half of all Baby Boomers were old enough to understand the last time Media Organizations (calling themselves News) actually reported instead of sensationalize News content with disinformation. For some, baby boomers are your grandparents – its been that long.

Until recently, everyone suffered the faith of limited access to Washington and information we can now get from our phone. News Agencies that once simply failed to provide reliable details, have thrown aside journalism in favor of making up stories with twisted facts and rarely presenting the entire picture. The internet changed all that with unlimited time, white space, reach and methods of adoption still evolving in ways we’ve yet to imagine.

As a result, people no longer have to get their information second hand, three times washed, rinsed and filtered. No longer does the average reader need to be told what is being said outside our reach. Or, influenced to think what some subjective Reporter concludes “is what the Presidents actual words mean”! President Trump made it clear he is more than willing to bypass Media and talk to Americans directly.

And finally, we have an Administration that believes in and stands up for secrecy behind National Security. One reporter tried to exorcise President Trump citing the First Amendments’ “Freedom of the Press” when told you don’t get our secrets (paraphrased).

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Amendment I says nothing about the giving the press access to National Security Information. Obama, Bush and both their Congresses projected America’s defense plans in advance of execution. Bush gave Saddam Hussein as much as eighteen months to hide his weapons. And, Obama’s pre-announced plan to pull out of Iraq gave birth to a new wave of terrorist Obama subsequently called the “JV Team” (junior varsity) just before they attacked and kill Americans in Libya.

Leaked and “finally” revealed (via FOIA Request) emails from Clinton, Clinton’s “private server”, the DCCC and DNC surfacing during the 2016 Election Cycle exposed Collusion between Politicians and News Media who took steps to deceive Americans and influence the election outcome.

One such talking-point topic has been the “Popular Vote” which means nothing in electing a President in America where its “Electoral System” prevents power hungry Politicians backed by wealthy donors, corporate and individual special interest from stealing “The People’s Choice”! Any discussion of the “Popular Vote” related to a 241 year old “Electoral System” is intended to distract, misinform and mislead voters and news consumers.

Another has been this post-election storyline about Russia Hacking the 2016 Election (a closed system). Once the initial story faded, new information exposed Politicians who claim they knew about this effort long before the election. But, they’re not saying why Obama, Clinton, the DNC, DCCC or Democrat Politicians who are now crying foul – didn’t make it public before the 2016 Presidential Election. It’s highly curious because these very same groups and individuals pulled no stops in throwing everything they could at Donald J. Trump as a Presidential Candidate.

Hillary Clinton’s Presidential loss could mean more to Media than maybe the Clinton Campaign. Over the last several election cycles Media escalated its blatant proliferation of Political Propaganda in an effort to influence electoral outcomes favoring “Barrack Hussein Obama” in 2008 & 2012 and then “Hillary Rodham-Clinton” in 2016.

Even with all the negative made-up, unsubstantiated claims and stories published about Trump, America still elected President Donald J. Trump. Given Media’s opposition to President Trump, his election win suggest the Media business is in trouble.

It started in the UK with Brexit, then Americans voted and now rumors about Germany are proving average people are catching on to Media. This societal intellect combined with consumer’s unlimited choice in media sources is a major threat to Media’s “Status Quo” and revenue stream. Advertisers may be late to the game but they’re likely to catch on before publishers and broadcasters – if they’re not too busy cowarding to boycotts.

Perhaps disenchanted voters and corporate sponsors would have been better informed if they ignored Mass Media and surrogates that passed on misinformation published by the majority of Big Media Conglomerates that call themselves News. Without the protections of a “President Hillary Rodham-Clinton”, the same Media Corporations, their Journalist and Editors are running scared.

The only way Media and Washington’s Elite Politicians know how to defend themselves (or adapt) is to discredit and distract the population from the truth. Much like Hillary Clinton in how the story changed from “no classified information” to “nothing marked classified” to “those were classified later” even when originals contained classified markings!

Links on this page allow readers to get your information “Directly from the Horses’ Mouth”! And with President Trump’s roots in New York, the horse has a lot to say – and he says it in “New York Speak”. So, if you listen to the entire context of what he says, you’ll never have to guess what he means! Unless, you’re a reporter intent on misleading paid subscribers and the public at large.