Hollywood Cheers Iran

The OSCARS are just another venue where Hollywood strokes Hollywood. These awards do not speak for the voice of consumers and movie goers, there’s no foundation or any discernible information available that describes the criteria and how awards are determined. This is nothing but Hollywood using a public forum to support Hollywood ego’s!

It’s not enough for people to know Hollywood makes more than most Corporate CEO’s. An actor can earn $20 million for less than 18 month’s work producing absolutely no product or sustainable benefit to society. The industry is given deep tax breaks for being “the entertainment business” and they take it one step further by structuring Personal and Private Corporations to avoid taxes.

But Hollywood, Media, Broadcasters and Anchors (who may earn $20 million a year) get a pass from the consumers who they are most successful at manipulating.

For example, over the last few decades starting just weeks before the Super Bowl, all things Media from print to video begins to tout Super Bowl commercials in an effort to get viewers to actually watch the advertisements. The ads are quite aweful to marginally cute but Media has substantially brainwashed the population around its Revenue Center (Advertising). In return, the price of a 30 second Super Bowl Advertising Slot has gone from $700,000 in 1992 (SB25) to $5 million for Super Bowl 50 in 2016.

The cost of a 30 Second Ad Slot (excluding production cost) has doubled in just the last ten years because Media (Hollywood, Broadcasters, etc.) successfully pulled the wool over consumers’ eyes while inducing advertisers to pay and convincing consumers to watch the overpriced and poorly designed advertisements! Even Budwiser, once the Ad King with cute and entertaining advertisements has gone the way of ridiculous advertisements.

So, the OSCARS are nothing more than another “Valentine’s Day” (a multi-billion dollar industry created by an advertiser looking to sell product) and Super Bowl Commercial. It’s Hollywood stroking Hollywood with calculated intent to sell consumers on ways to generate advertising revenues and push their vision of a world they could neither live in nor survive in outside of the United States of America.

Most readers may not recognize that the start of Hollywood public promotion of LGBT in television shows and movies coincided with the emergence of AIDS/HIV in the 1980s. Inclusion appeared as a response to revelations of how deep the disease reached into Hollywood’s population of actors, directors, writers and supporting workforce.

These shows were published as propaganda with an objective of influencing populations to think the LGBT community (consisting of 1% to 2% of the population) was “normal” and not a conscious choice, a personal exploration or unconscious reaction to psychological trauma. The propaganda grew into the hysterical idea that people in the LGBT community are born LGBT.

And, when Hollywood stood up last night to cheer an Iranian made film that has been best described as “anti-American”, they demonstrated just how deep ignorance in Hollywood goes. But, are they the only ones?

These freedoms Hollywood enjoys including choice, speech and ability of any LGBT to walk in public without reprisal does not exist in IRAN or the middle-east as a whole. And, such limitations when compared to the United States of America are unmatched in any country outside the U.S.A. Hollywood’s knowledge and recognition of Middle East cultures is nothing less than lacking but their ignorance is unmatched.

Actresses would never be able to wear the type of bikini they use to draw attention to themselves and raise their salaries. They’d be forced to succumb to the burkini and outside of the beach their pretty little faces would be hidden under a veil.

These women would be living in a society where men, without risk of reprisal can take their virtue on queue while the woman gets accused of violating the law and stoned to death for engaging in acts they had no choice in making.

Actresses and actors would never be able to use those vile mouths to disrespect the country, they couldn’t voice concerns openly and their LGBT support would have them rounded up and terminated. Their own foundation in the LGBT community would be cause for Hollywood to hide from itself and its Government.

And yet these “Hollywood Elites” have the nerve to support criminals, promote chaos in the streets, allow terrorist into our country, they standup for illegals crossing our borders and consuming taxpayer resources and financially support Politicians known to have lied to Congress and American Voters. And finally, the industry convey’s a “we are superior to you” message to consumers who buy into this fantasy world while taking their money.