Media Out-of-Context

Subterfuge in the Absence of Truth


The Complete Context

Nearly everything Media publishes is out-of-context, misleading, based on false premises and inference. Syndication and consolidation within related industries has led to the structured coordination and distribution of subterfuge in the absence of truth, facts and content that matters.

You’ve probably already seen or heard about the altered stint video staring Donald Trump (now President) and Media Outlet CNN.

CNN responded with the latest accusations from Media, “It is a sad day when the President of the United States encourages violence against reporters“. Although such statements fail to recognize Media sweeping contributions to and the encouragement of violence.

Journalist must have been sleeping early Sunday when they rushed to publish story’s about the video clip. Most took an opportunity to stick another spike into their personal archives of trashing the President.

Keeping with Media’s agenda to publish information out of context nearly every reporter failed to present the video clip in the full context of the subject matter tweeted by President Trump.

The video clip was the forth in a series of five (5) related tweets about “Fake & Fraudulent News Media”.

The content of the Presidents’ tweets centered on Media’s attempts to influence “Republicans and others” that the President should not use social media. He also points out Media’s ignorance to his success in using social media to fight fake news.

Tweet Supporting VeteransDuring a 16 hour break between the initial tweets and the video tweet President Trump published one tweet in support of our “GREAT VETERANS” just before 10:00pm. Another jab at Fake News followed the video tweet.

Any objection to the Presidents’ use of social media is related to diminishing revenue. Historically Media was the consumers’ gatekeeper to Politicians from Main Street to Washington. As the worlds gatekeeper, Media has been the largest benefactor in the form of advertising revenue.

Now, the reputation of Media is being challenged not only by consumers but also a President willing to use “his right to free speech” and challenge the schoolyard bully. President Trump has no reservation to calling out the lies Media publishes and the bully doesn’t like it.

This contrast with President Obama who utilized Media as a Propaganda Machine for the White House and Department of State who used Media to influence elections and mislead America on a number of propaganda issues originating within the American Government.

Fake News TweetIt started with the lies surrounding ObamaCare and escalated to lying about Benghazi that exposed illegal private severs. The propaganda then rose to fake news about Russian collusion that more and more appears to be election tampering by the previous administration.

It’s not only the subject matter of what Media publishes but the forked-tongue, two-faced, double standard bait-n-switch methodologies imposed on consumers by those who cover Politics.

Recent objections and up-rise regarding tweets about Mika Bazinski ignore two important facts and observations.

Starting with the “facts” that Morning Joe, such host, co-hosts and guests have been bashing Trump since he became a candidate. And they ratcheted up the rhetoric sequentially with each of Donald Trump’s successes.

To some perhaps the approach this President takes doesn’t appear presidential. On the surface, all other matters ignored… maybe?

Maybe not… considering the same Media published Government Propaganda to intentionally conceal major lies and subsequent criminal acts of President Barrack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

These media organizations have been virtually silent on the biggest crimes committed against the American Public since Watergate and continue to misdirect consumers about the economic impact and damage of ObamaCare, lies about the terrorist attack in Benghazi and how/why Hillary Clinton was nominated by the DNC.

Its seems all the complaints published by Media may be a smoke screen to distract readers from a couple of damming truths in the observations Trump tweeted.

For example, it appears Mika and Joe had invited themselves to Mar-Lago on multiple occasions. Meaning they showed up on Donald Trump’s doorstep uninvited and tried to crash the party. Apparently, Mika remained in questionable health related to a recent facelift on one of those occasions.

The entire industry has evolved to treat consumers as intellectually challenged and the last good story Media stumbled upon was Watergate in 1972. By todays Media standards, the Watergate story was publishing only because Republicans were involved.

The Business of State

The Largest Corporation in America

Why do you need to know which corporation(s) is the largest in The United States of America? Because the American taxpayers not only own these corporation(s) they fund them directly out of pocket in monthly, annually and upon death payments.

Business of State - The Largest Corporation in America

Public Sector Corporations employ 15.3% of the 160,000,000 people in the American workforce. As a collective of Federal and State Corporations and Subsidiaries, the American Government employs 24,480,000 people in the American workforce. The closest Private Sector Corporation employs 195,000 people – worldwide!

Government, Federal, State, County, City and related Agencies are incorporated in much the same way as any other businesses in America – publically traded or private.

Every Agency, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the States Attorney Generals Office, Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), even cities like San Francisco, (Incorporated April 15, 1850) and Chicago, (Incorporated March 4, 1837) are incorporated somewhere as official Corporations.

These Government entities operate very similar in terms of income (revenue) and expense centers, assets, profit and loss, credit ratings and barrowing power as any other Corporation in America. The basic corporate structure of government is not very different from the executive (CxO) structure of a corporation in the private sector.

The flow chart demonstrates the point at the upper level of a State and highlights its CxO (management) structure.

Each Public sector from the top executive office, legislation and judicial branches to the individual Agencies they manage is by nature of spending an expense center. And, most include extremely profitable revenue centers within their subordinate Agencies.

The Legislation Branch is the one exception in that nothing they physically do or produce has anything to do with the revenue and expense of a product or services. They simply appropriate funds for their own expenses (Operations and Salaries) and the service they provide generally benefits the Business of State.

State Water Boards generate revenue from natural resources (rain, snow and reservoir reserves) and then sell the water to local Private Water Company’s who are often publically traded corporations.

So called privately run “Public Utility Commissions” (PUC) who supposedly regulate consumer prices always side with these pal-opolies. So, when Utility Companies (water, electric, gas, etc.) need more revenue, they simply turn on the consumer spigot.

The San Jose Water Company (CA), a publically traded company has increased dividends annually for the last eight years. In the past few years, Regulators mandated they force consumers to reduce water consumption while equally increasing water rates tenfold to make up for loss revenue from slower sales.

The Board of Directors at any private (unaffiliated with Public Corporations) company would have made savings adjustments to operations. California Utilities turn on the consumer spigot instead and the PUC grants them the right to milk consumers. Unfortunately, consumers who should represent the Board of Directors for any utility seem to accept the way Government manages the Business of State.

Another example of a Utility being allowed to milk consumers is Pacific Gas & Electric Company. In a century of providing electrical and gas, they allowed their infrastructure to deteriorate until the San Bruno, CA gas pipe explosion that killed eight and destroyed more than a dozen homes.

Shortly after the San Bruno disaster, PG&E requested and the PUC granted rate hikes so consumers could flip the bill for related expense and the upgrades they ignored for decades. Again, after Court rulings related to the San Bruno disaster, PG&E was granted additional rate hikes.

More local Businesses of State are County Assessor and DMV Offices. The County Assessor falls under the category of Pseudo-Entities for their ability to Self-Litigate Disputes with consumers.

In a rare and what is now ancient ruling for the consumer, The California Voter initiated Proposition 13. Aside from its stated purpose, the law was intended to put the reins on runaway and corrupt County Assessors who were taxing the daylights out of homeowners. The Santa Clara County Assessors’ Office found a loophole by doing an end-round in their personal version of the “Rule of Law” over the “Words of Law”.

Business of State - The DMV Profit Center

The Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) is a direct descendent in the Business of the State Corporation. They produce products and offer services for sale. And, in California the DMV is one of the most profitable Corporations in America – public and private sectors.

Its program descriptions actually identify the purpose of its existence in part as “collects revenue for various state and local programs” in addition to distributing your personal information to state and local agencies.

The Governors 2016-17 Budget indicates the DMV has an annual expense of $1.1 Billion. In 2017 as with the last several years the CA DMV added new and raised existing fees. The 2017 budget footnotes read;

“The Budget includes a $10 increase in the vehicle registration fee to address an imbalance between operating costs and available revenues.”(note, it doesn’t say revenue or income)

Read aa bit further than the $1.1B funding published on the surface by State and we see the DMV earns $2.8 Billion from “Motor Vehicles Registration Fees” alone with a total income of over $3.2 billion.

So what happens to the $2 billion difference – the Profit between Income and Expense? And, why do vehicle owners suddenly have to pony up an additional $10 for registration fees if the DMV Corporation is so profitable?

Business of State - The DMV Profit Center

Notably, these Public Corporations don’t follow the Federal Accounting Standards Board (FASB) normal corporations must follow. Government entities use a version called the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) – code named for “we comingle funds”.

The Wired Hierarchy image from Tom Spiglanin’s work on the “Erosion of Hierarchies” is analogous of how complex Government Revenue streams are. California has 343 State Agencies, each one a revenue and expense center. In contrast, New York has 20 State Agencies.

Nonetheless, “Government” the total of all State, County and Municipal Agencies represent the biggest business in America. As the business of public interest they have a fiscal responsibility to their communities. A superior responsibility that outweighs political posturing, spend and tax approaches, the extent to which these entities should offer welfare services or how they manipulate private individuals and entities to fund special interest by force.

They also have a legal responsibility to their communities that not only protect from street criminals but also against the greed, negligence and mismanagement at the hand of Pubic Employees who Govern by their personal “Rules of Law” they use to twist the words of law.

But as the title “Erosion of Hierarchies” suggests, anything Government is something that likely represents inefficiency. The absence of accountability and fiscal responsibility by private sector standards is the quicksand consumers and employers are sinking in as states like California consistently run deficit budgets.

If the states, counties and cities that run consistent year-over-year deficits they don’t alter their fiscal objective to operate economically with year-over-year surplus, consumers will soon be paying 20% sales tax on top of state income tax rates that match federal rates.

As the DMV budget proves, income and sales tax are not the only income sources for Government but every dollar comes from the taxpayer – even income from Washington via Federal Funding for State Programs.

Each agency has its own income expense structure that may be based on other taxes, and include federal taxes, they charge fees and impose penalties like the fine for a no seatbelt violation going from $50 to $168. There is only one objective in rate changes like these and that’s to increase income for the Business of State.

Unfortunately, we can’t even count on Government to protect its communities from their own Governments.

Most will argue there are fundamental differences in how the Business of State is run and what is considered acceptable business practices in the private sector. The foremost argument is Public Corporations should not be in the Business of State to earn a profit. On the other hand, it should not be a business that runs financial losses year over year. Unfortunately, consumers permit it.

Government can operate fiscally responsible, earn a profit (called surplus in government) and create rainy day reserves and serve the community.

The City of Crestwood Illinois in the 1990s proved Government can earn a profit with honor. Voter approval of a shopping center provided considerable tax revenues and City Management had a plan. The excess revenue over operating expense was returned to the community in the form of home tax offsets. Delayed in 2007 to cover an unexpected rise in operating expense, the City of Crestwood reinitiated the rebates in 2016.


A Political Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization

Organized Influence to Transfer and Control the White House


PartyGate is a “Den of Collusion” that defies any individual foundation. It centers on the fundamentals of a distributed effort by the many components necessary to carry out a legal coup on the White House, Congress and the American People. Similar to how of Johnny Torrio (Al Capone’s predecessor) in the 1920s organized many small gangs to operate in coordination as one large organization (of crime).

By any other definition that may be applied in the private sector, the collective of participants today must be considered a Political Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization (PRICO). A Distributed Network of Collective Participants Organized to Influence Public Perception for the Express Purpose of Controlling which Candidate is elected.

Documentation dating back to 2008 show Political Reporting activities and content publish by Media have been intentionally blurred to influence voter knowledge by misrepresenting factual details. In the overall picture, Media “collectively including several hundred Media Organizations, Personalities and Journalist who secretly collaborated to benefit the Obama Campaign” provided the key communication mechanisms. Since the 2008 Election, several Political Organizations, Public Offices, Personnel and Media have been identified as participants who shaped and delivered false messages that misinformed and misdirected American Voters from more factual content regarding Political/Legislative activities.

The participants and tactics demonstrating Organized Efforts appear to be centered around the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Special Interest. It immediately extended to the White House (President Obama), the State Department, Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation and several hundred Media Interest.

Some in Congress are and have been calculated participants while others are simply drawn into the frey by instinct. But party loyalty doesn’t excuse “absence of action” in the face of the misrepresentations that have been pulled over the American Voter’s eyes – making even the unwitting culpable participants. Including those who currently refuse to participate in correcting ObamaCare, Immigration or National Security.

Background 2008-2016

Handing the White House to Hilary Clinton in 2016 appears to be rooted in DNC objectives of preserving President Obama’s White House during the 2012 Presidential Election – amid negative events, activities and political propaganda. ObamaCare, the only legislative objective of a Single Party Congressional Rule during President Obama’s first term had a questionable foundation. In contrast to Media Reports, “ObamaCare and billions of insurance industry subsidies were on the line.”

Politically speaking, Obama’s 2012 Presidential Campaign was already on fragile ground! And, America was tired of “Executive Orders that bypassed Congress”, “Leading from Behind” and “Open Border Policies” that literally allowed Illegal Aliens and Refugees to walk into our country and collect taxpayer funded welfare benefits while being protection from Federal Laws in sanctuary cities. The People voiced these concerns during the 2010 Congressional Elections.

Then, just 56 days until Election Day, September 11, 2012 anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks on innocent Americans in New York and the Pentagon, four more Americans were killed by terrorist in the Benghazi attack. The White House and State Department told American Voters the Benghazi attack was a demonstration related to an older internet video.

Through documents disclosed since the 2012 Presidential Election subsequent to many Court actions and decisions, we’ve discovered the imminence of this terrorist attack was known as early as March of 2012. Electronic mail revealed communications about Gaddafi’s son offering to assist in avoiding the attack. Inasmuch, the correspondence demonstrates the White House and State Department knew about the pending threat to America. Additional documents show the State Department refused and/or failed to provide adequate security – regardless of repeated request for the same.

Many of these documents are now public information and accessible on the internet. The transparency of Obama and Clinton fell far short of their campaign commitments. Both aggressively challenged disclosure requirements in Court after Court until one Judge finally said enough is enough.

The concealment and misrepresentation of terrorist attacks in Benghazi 56 days before a Presidential Election pales in comparison to what extents the DNC, White House, State Department, Obama, Clinton and Congress have gone to conceal the original lie.

In the end and to the extenuating efforts of some, the whole act of evasion and delay tactics regarding Benghazi led Congress and other Watchdog Interest to discover the Private Server and expose even more egregious activities of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Exposed to habitually misrepresent factual details is at the top of the list but not the Violations of Law and Public Trust – nor that of National Security!

It all seems to center on the DNC, a cozy relationship between Wealthy Donors and Foreign Interest through the Clinton Foundation, State Department and Personnel who were eventually hired by the Clinton Campaign – some after being publically disgraced.

Comey’s initial public announcement, comments regarding the FBI’s Investigation was a bag of “political talking points”, two (one for each Political side) for each violation of law. A few days later he succinctly confirmed those violations of law (and competencies) individually in a Congressional Hearing.

Comey failed to offer any justification or viable excuse for the FBI drawing a conclusion or making a public decision and recommendation (not to charge Hillary Clinton) in an instance where the decision is clearly in the hands of the Judicial Branch and a Grand Jury of American Citizens.

Loretta Lynch set up the whole “Clinton pass” story earlier by preemptively making a public announcement that she would accept the FBI’s recommendation. From a public perception, this allowed Lynch to sidestep any legal action (and culpability) as head of the Justice Department.

By design. this absence of action, delayed the inevitable that would have notably steered into and disrupt Hillary Clinton’s 2016 DNC Nomination and Presidential Campaign. Had Hillary Clinton won the election, it would have been impossibly to hold Hillary Clinton accountable or steer America back to a Washington that operates within the law and intent of The Constitution of these United States.

This Judicial Influence is the final link leading some to believe the White House colluded with the DNC and Justice Department in getting Clinton the 2016 nomination – including Influence that now appears to have played roles at the State Department, Justice Department and FBI.

Despite disclosures, appearences and execution of duties, the DNC managed to lock in the nomination for Hillary Clinton long before the Primary Election. Document disclosures revealed how the Democratic National Committee colluded with the Clinton Campaign and several Big Media Outlets to favor a Hillary Clinton nomination!

Scandels involving the Office of DNC Chairman under Debbie Wasserman Schultz forced her departure.The DNC replacement was subsequently exposed for advancing “questions” to the Clinton Campaign prior to “Live Media Interviews”.

Democrat Money Grab Targets Big Corporations

Ever wonder how Public Statements and Political Positioning correlate to the silent Money that support Politicians who publicly condemn industry like Wall Street, Banking and Energy.

The list below demonstrate huge hypocrisies or disparities with public statements and positioning of the Democratic Party and associated Political Groups like the DNC, DCCC and Government “PACs”.

The industry’s they condemn most are highlighted below with a sample list of corporations targeted for Political Donations. Putting it in context of Politicians, it’s usually “One Hand Washes The Other” [insert link to Pay-for-Play]. Not so uncommon, corporations that donate would like to influence their particular Interest too. So, they choose the Party and Politicians they can influence.

The first group we noticed are all Big Government Contractors targeted by the DCCC. They’re not household names and easily overlooked but they hold Special Interest and deep Congressional connections. Equally, most involve defense technologies – the stuff we don’t want to know about unless we’re a geek.


  • BAE Systems
  • Boeing
  • Honeywell
  • Lockheed
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Raytheon
  • United Technologies

 The most important group targeted by Democrat Politicians are Financial based! These are the types of corporations Democrat Politicians complain about publicly as a smoke screen, making a superficial showing for voters while taking money from the industry. The list is so broad it crosses multiple industries that include Wall Street, Banks and Insurance Companies.


  • Chicago Board Options Exchange
  • Depository Trust And Clearing Corporation
  • Investment Company Institute
  • Securities Industry And Financial Markets Association
  • Bankers Association
  • Capital One
  • Citigroup
  • CME Group
  • Ernst & Young
  • HSBC North America
  • Pinnacle West Capital
  • SunTrust Bank
  • UBS
  • US Bancorp
  • Wells Fargo 

Besides mortgage ownership and internal real estate investments within the Banking Industry, Insurance Companies may be the biggest owners of Commercial Real Estate in America.

The names may include “Insurance” and “Mutual” but make no mistake, Insurance Companies are among America’s Biggest Financial Institutions next to Wall Street Investment Firms and Banks. Add the Governments’ Health Insurance Industry take-over and we’ll likely find Washington Politicians in bed with many more insurance companies. 

  • Anthem
  • Cigna
  • Humana
  • Liberty Mutual
  • MetLife
  • Massachusetts Mutual
  • Nationwide Mutual
  • Prudential Financial
  • Pacific Life
  • State Farm
  • United Health Group
  • Zurich Holdings

Another industry Democrats are so publicly and vocally opposed to is Energy, Oil and Gas, etc.. Excluding the Renewable Energy companies Obama Funded with $4B in taxpayer dollars that started failing before his first term was over. Strangely, as Democrat Politicians publicly oppose Energy Companies like Financials, Democrats receive hundreds of millions, possibly billions in donations from the Energy Industry too. 

  • DTE Energy
  • Duke Energy
  • Ecolab Inc (energy)
  • Murray Energy
  • Valero Energy

All the companies listed above were money targets of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). See the list on TARP, DNC and Clinton Campaign for more detailed information about financial support and donations to Democrats made by Corporate and Financial Special Interest.

TARP Money Recipients or Democrat Donors


Tarp Funds
Bank of America $15,000,000,000 Barney Frank $17,000
Bank of America $15,000,000,000 Carolyn Maloney $10,000
Bank of America $15,000,000,000 Chris Van Hollen $3,000
Bank of America $15,000,000,000 DCCC $5,000
Bank of America $15,000,000,000 James Clyburn $20,000
Bank of America $15,000,000,000 John Larson $2,500
Bank of America $15,000,000,000 Mel Watt $7,000
Bank of America $15,000,000,000 Nancy Pelosi $5,000
Bank of America $15,000,000,000 Paul Kanjorski $7,000
Bank of America $15,000,000,000 Steny Hoyer $17,500
Bank of America $15,000,000,000 Xavier Beccera $3,500
Bank of New York Mellon $3,000,000,000 Barney Frank $2,000
Bank of New York Mellon $3,000,000,000 Carolyn Maloney $2,500
Bank of New York Mellon $3,000,000,000 Paul Kanjorski $8,000
Capital One $3,555,199,000 Barney Frank $6,000
Capital One $3,555,199,000 DCCC $25,000
Capital One $3,555,199,000 James Clyburn $4,000
Capital One $3,555,199,000 Mel Watt $4,000
Capital One $3,555,199,000 Paul Kanjorski $4,500
Capital One $3,555,199,000 Steny Hoyer $7,500
Citigroup $25,000,000,000 Barney Frank $7,500
Citigroup $25,000,000,000 Carolyn Maloney $3,500
Citigroup $25,000,000,000 Chris Van Hollen $5,500
Citigroup $25,000,000,000 DCCC $22,500
Citigroup $25,000,000,000 James Clyburn $8,500
Citigroup $25,000,000,000 John Larson $4,000
Citigroup $25,000,000,000 Mel Watt $5,000
Citigroup $25,000,000,000 Nancy Pelosi $10,000
Citigroup $25,000,000,000 Paul Kanjorski $6,500
Citigroup $25,000,000,000 Steny Hoyer $10,000
Citigroup $25,000,000,000 Xavier Beccera $3,500
Comerica Inc PAC $2,250,000,000 DCCC $1,000
Fifth Third $3,408,000,000 Barney Frank $2,000
First Horizon $866,540,000 Steny Hoyer $250
Goldman Sachs $10,000,000,000 Barney Frank $10,000
Goldman Sachs $10,000,000,000 Carolyn Maloney $7,000
Goldman Sachs $10,000,000,000 Chris Van Hollen $5,000
Goldman Sachs $10,000,000,000 DCCC $30,000
Goldman Sachs $10,000,000,000 James Clyburn $10,000
Goldman Sachs $10,000,000,000 John Larson $2,000
Goldman Sachs $10,000,000,000 Luis Gutierrez $2,500
Goldman Sachs $10,000,000,000 Mel Watt $5,000
Goldman Sachs $10,000,000,000 Nancy Pelosi $20,000
Goldman Sachs $10,000,000,000 Paul Kanjorski $10,000
Goldman Sachs $10,000,000,000 Steny Hoyer $10,000
Goldman Sachs $10,000,000,000 Xavier Beccera $2,000
Huntington Bancshares $1,398,071,000 Barney Frank $1,000
Huntington Bancshares $1,398,071,000 Paul Kanjorski $1,000
JP Morgan $25,000,000,000 Barney Frank $10,000
JP Morgan $25,000,000,000 Carolyn Maloney $10,000
JP Morgan $25,000,000,000 Chris Van Hollen $1,000
JP Morgan $25,000,000,000 DCCC $30,000
JP Morgan $25,000,000,000 James Clyburn $22,500
JP Morgan $25,000,000,000 John Larson $2,500
JP Morgan $25,000,000,000 Mel Watt $5,000
JP Morgan $25,000,000,000 Nancy Pelosi $22,500
JP Morgan $25,000,000,000 Paul Kanjorski $12,500
JP Morgan $25,000,000,000 Steny Hoyer $20,000
JP Morgan $25,000,000,000 Xavier Beccera $1,000
KeyCorp $2,500,000,000 Barney Frank $2,500
KeyCorp $2,500,000,000 Steny Hoyer $2,000
Merril Lynch $10,000,000,000 Barney Frank $2,000
Merril Lynch $10,000,000,000 Carolyn Maloney $2,500
Merril Lynch $10,000,000,000 James Clyburn $5,000
Merril Lynch $10,000,000,000 John Larson $1,000
Merril Lynch $10,000,000,000 Mel Watt $2,000
Merril Lynch $10,000,000,000 Paul Kanjorski $5,000
Merril Lynch $10,000,000,000 Steny Hoyer $5,000
Morgan Stanley $10,000,000,000 Barney Frank $10,000
Morgan Stanley $10,000,000,000 Carolyn Maloney $5,000
Morgan Stanley $10,000,000,000 Chris Van Hollen $1,000
Morgan Stanley $10,000,000,000 DCCC $15,000
Morgan Stanley $10,000,000,000 James Clyburn $6,000
Morgan Stanley $10,000,000,000 John Larson $2,000
Morgan Stanley $10,000,000,000 Mel Watt $2,000
Morgan Stanley $10,000,000,000 Nancy Pelosi $10,000
Morgan Stanley $10,000,000,000 Paul Kanjorski $9,000
Morgan Stanley $10,000,000,000 Steny Hoyer $13,500
Morgan Stanley $10,000,000,000 Xavier Beccera $1,000
PNC $7,579,200,000 DCCC $2,500
PNC $7,579,200,000 Paul Kanjorski $2,500
Popular $935,000,000 Xavier Beccera $4,600
State Street $2,000,000,000 Paul Kanjorski $3,000
SunTrust $4,850,000,000 Paul Kanjorski $1,000
SunTrust $4,850,000,000 Steny Hoyer $500
Wells Fargo $25,000,000,000 Barney Frank $7,000
Wells Fargo $25,000,000,000 Carolyn Maloney $5,000
Wells Fargo $25,000,000,000 DCCC $30,000
Wells Fargo $25,000,000,000 James Clyburn $10,000
Wells Fargo $25,000,000,000 Nancy Pelosi $10,000
Wells Fargo $25,000,000,000 Paul Kanjorski $10,000
Wells Fargo $25,000,000,000 Steny Hoyer $10,000
Wells Fargo $25,000,000,000 Xavier Beccera $6,000