Media Collusion: JournoList

Media Collusion first appeared publically when JournoList was exposed for manipulating negative News Content surrounding candidate Barrack Hussein Obama during the 2008 Presidential Election. A seemingly stealth operation during the 2012 Presidential Election

 assured then President Obama would win a second term. With previous successes having gotten away with it following the 2008 and 2012 elections, Media pushed even greater boundaries in 2016 by advocating for a candidate (Hillary Clinton) documented to have gone so far as to violate Federal Laws and National Security Protocols.

The fact that a Politician or Special Interest will and should (legally) do everything they can to motivate a populous to stand behind their particular cause is no more alarming than marketers using advertisements to sell a product.

However, when and where seemingly diverse groups in vase numbers synchronize around a central Political effort and collude with widely distributed yet organized members of Competing Media Corporations to inaccurately shape, misrepresent and distract from factual truths using opinion and insinuation to mislead readers they risk becoming smaller pieces of a much larger syndicate intentionally performing acts as part of a broader criminal organization.

Daniel Levy, Century Foundation referred to the JournoList group as “Obama’s non-official campaign“.

That was the case in 2008 when the wide reaching organized effort of diverse Media Reporters privately (through the JounoList ListServer) colluded to “discredit” Sarah Palin as soon as Candidate McCain announced her as his Vice Presidential selection.

The Daily Caller identifies how JournoList Members coordinated attacks on Sarah Palin. Daniel Levy at the Century Foundation (a progressive think tank) referred to the JournoList group as “Obama’s non-official campaign” noting they had “a big role to play in defining Palin, shaping the terms of the conversation and saying things that the official [Obama] campaign shouldn’t say“.

This was no isolated incident. In 2016, the public became aware that Media was the centerpiece of delivering “messages” professionally prepared by outside Organizations and Industries no closer to Media than President Trump. Media Reporters from a vast array of News Organizations colluded to frame news content that would “scare people“.

Stated in their own electronic words, many in Media knowingly made coordinated efforts to Influence the Outcome of Presidential Elections in the United States of America.

The “people” these reporters targeted were the American voter. In other words, the DNC, Clinton Campaign, news entities, editors and reporters made calculated and more often organized efforts to influence the American Voter, how and who Americans Voted for.

Such revelations puts a new light on President Trumps’ decisive willingness to bypass Media to assure American Citizens hear his words correctly. Something Obama and Clinton called “Transparency” yet put so much effort into coordinating with Media and concealing shady deals.

JournoList 1.0
JournoList (circa 2007-2010), a “by-invitation-only group” numbering over four hundred Political Reporters was the first known to use Internet technologies to organize, centralize and publish News Content based on a central effort to benefit a singular Political Party and Candidate (Obama).

JournoList was a Private Google Groups Forum comprised of over 400 “left-leaning” journalists, bloggers, political reporters, magazine writers, policy wonks and academics created by Ezra Klein who spent the first five years of the Obama Administration working for The Washington Post.

Dave Weigel, another Washington Post writer and JournoList Member (recommended by Klein) was eventually forced to resign from the Post in 2010 when emails emerged showing extremely vile comments about industry peer Matt Drudge at the New York Times. Somehow, Dave Weigel found his way back to the Washington Post in July of 2015, just in time to apply his vile views and Political Manipulation to the 2016 Rrimary Elections.

And, just because Ezra Klein took down the JournoList Group ListServer in 2010, didn’t mean the effort and collusion ended in 2010. In fact, we now know Hillary Clinton under President Obama told the biggest lie to America since Nixon when they claimed an internet video was responsible for the attack in Benghazi on the eve of the 9/11 New York attack less than two months before the 2012 Election. Harry Reid (D-NV), Senate Majority Leader later admited to lying about Mitt Romneys taxes – in another attempt to influence the 2012 Presidential Election.

These lies, the effort by Media to cover-up real facts combined with other tidbits got Barrack Hussein Obama elected in 2012 for a second term solidifying ObamaCare (ACA) and the American Governments’ takeover of the US Health Insurance Industry. Which long term could eventually lead to employees being taxed on the $12,000 to $36,000 in annual tax-free Health Insurance Cost/Benefits that are paid for by their employers.

That one lie, led to two more lies, which led to four more lies (and so on…) until eventually Hillary Clinton (then Secretary of State and forth in line for President) was exposed for concealing a Private email server used to conduct Federal Business… along with an entire encore of criminal activity.

However, it took nearly four years to get the information and clear enough details so the average news consumer could actually get a grip on the depths of the criminal investigations and conclusions crafted to deceive voters. These revelations came late and despite a generally favorable Media that attempted to distract from every little detail beginning with the Video.

The effort by Media extended well beyond legality and morality in they supported distractions that included FBI Director Comny with a Democrat/Republican talking points announcement in the summer of 2016 and a subsequent story by ABC that looked more like a list of excuses for criminal activity clearly defined in that final FBI announcement just month before the 2016 Presidential Election and days before Hillary Clinton was given the DNC Nomination over and in contrast to the popularity of Bernie Sanders.

JournoList 2.0
In August of 2014, MediaTrackers reported discovery of a new Google Group called “Gamechanger Salon” founded by another leftwing activist Billy Wimsatt. After conducting an analysis of the content, members, “types excluded” from membership, policies and the 2014/2015 calendar of supported events MediaTrackers appropriately dubbed it “JournoList 2.0”.

Established just in time for the 2016 Presidential Elections, the list of participants at Gamechanger Salon included over 1,000 influencial individuals with an expanded spectrum of members that include political leaders, special interest, activists, college professors and of course journalist to publish the groups propaganda.

Journalist come from the traditional high profile, high reach and highly repeated organizations including Poltical Reporters from:

  • Al Jazeera America Television
  • Media Matters
  • New York Times
  • Reuters
  • The Huffington Post
  • The Nation Magazine
  • ThinkProgress
  • Thomson Reuters
  • U.S. News & World Report

Huffington Post members included approximately two dozen contributors.

Redstate, an affiliate of Salem Media Group, highlights how this Private ListServe Group continued the collusion between activist, special interest, politicians, campaigns and Media intent on controlling the narrative and manipulating Political News Content using everything from misdirection to misinformation.

One technique involved pushing a specific agenda by painting conservatives in a bad light to distract the public from more factual content. The light most News Consumers would likely see Democrat Politicians in, if the same Big Media Corporations did not cover up the dirt by pointing fingers at Republicans.

Members in the area of Activist and Special Interest Groups range from the AFL-CIO and ACLU to the United Nations: World Food Programme (WFP) including:

  • SEIU
  • Political Action
  • University of Wisconsin Professor
  • Greenpeace
  • Netroots Nation
  • Progressive Change Campaign Committee
  • Planned Parenthood

Members from Activist and Special Interest Groups include High-Level positions ranging from Chiefs of Staff, Executive Directors, Policy Directors and National Directors to Directors of Communications, etc. etc. etc…. Mediatracker provides links to pdf’s that include a complete list of Members, emails and interesting information about member “United Nations World Food Programme” described as an active participant influencing elections. Mediatracker also provides Gamechange Salon’s (aka: Journalist 2.0) Policy Manual. Reading even democrat voters will find frightening.

There were over 1,400 participants in just these two Organized Groups of Political Reporters and Special Interest we know about. In contrast to a lot of facts about private servers, a fake video, changing excuses, Congressional misrepresentations and evasion, the Clinton Foundation and acquisition of American Uranium assets by Candian and Russian interest, 57 of the top 100 News Publications supported Hillary Clinton. Only 1 News Publication supported Donald Trump while 26 remained silent or independent of Presidential Candidate support.

JournoList is just one of several “Media” elements participating at the Center of a Propaganda Communications Machine Democrats have been cultivating in what should be considered Political RICO (Racketeering Influenced & Corrupt Organization). An audacious coordinated effort to gain and maintain control of the White House. Other participants can be found in links between Media and the DNC, Clinton Campaign and Special Interest will be connected through the DNA Links contributors are developing to provide a conceptual view of the corruption involved.


JournoList 1.0

In 2008, “JournoList” participants shared talking points about how to shape coverage to help Obama.

They tried to paint any negative coverage of Obama’s racist and hateful pastor, Jeremiah Wright, as out of bounds.

Evidence of Collusion

That’s excellent! If enough people – people on this list? – write that the pick is sexist, you’ll have the networks debating it for days. And that negates the SINGLE thing Palin brings to the ticket

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President Trump’s Words

Word Use: President Trump vs. Obama

How does President Trump’s use of words compare with that of Obama and most Democrats in Congress.

During the February 28, 2017 Address to Congress, President Trump used words with significant difference compared to Obama during his first Address to Congress in 2009.

Its important to pay attention to how Politicians talk to the American Voter as much as what they say about voters. In this work, we highlight the use of “key words” and compared them between two Presidents to see what they think about the position and the United States.

According to written transcripts, President Trump used the word “I” only three (3) times during his entire speech. In contrast, President Obama used “I” sixty (60) times and in twenty-one (21) sentences, Obama used “I” as the first word of the sentence. The importance of “I” is in its possessive use drawing the center of attention to the speaker.


We 61 76
Our 44 101
I 49 1
I’ (m / ve) 11 2
I (first word use) 21 1
My 11 9
You 38 9
Your 15 5

Words like “Our” and “We” tend to be inclusive but the context of how they are used needs to be considered. Obama speeches seemed more driven towards inclusion of Government as the center of Politicians dedicated to high moral objectives. Washington Elite Politicians speaking in public forums always seem to follow suit regardless of party.

Whereas President Trump speaks to the People with unity. Something not seen with such committment since President Reagan. Trump speaks of the united effort of all Americans necessary to keep America a country governed by the People and for the People.

The use of the word “You” takes an agressive stance which tends to single out individuals and individual groups of people. Words like “My” are as bad as “I” in that it centers on the speaker as if no body else exist or contributes. In these contexts, Politicians make the job all about the speaker with a lot less emphasis on Citizens who elected them. Equally, these are the elected officials who have demonstrated a history of telling voiters what they want to hear to get elected, but fail to execute on their promisses once in office.

Its as important to listen to what Politicians say in the entire context of what they say as it is to listen to how they say it. We simply can’t rely on the messages Media conveys to readers.

Wealthy Politicians

Nancy Pelosi (D)
Congress (House)
Years in Office: 30
Net Worth:  $119,974,989 ’07
Net Worth:  $192,784,988 ’16
Elected Votes: 274,035

Lookup your Rep

Gerrymandered Districts

Hollywood Cheers Iran

The OSCARS are just another venue where Hollywood strokes Hollywood. These awards do not speak for the voice of consumers and movie goers, there’s no foundation or any discernible information available that describes the criteria and how awards are determined. This is nothing but Hollywood using a public forum to support Hollywood ego’s!

It’s not enough for people to know Hollywood makes more than most Corporate CEO’s. An actor can earn $20 million for less than 18 month’s work producing absolutely no product or sustainable benefit to society. The industry is given deep tax breaks for being “the entertainment business” and they take it one step further by structuring Personal and Private Corporations to avoid taxes.

But Hollywood, Media, Broadcasters and Anchors (who may earn $20 million a year) get a pass from the consumers who they are most successful at manipulating.

For example, over the last few decades starting just weeks before the Super Bowl, all things Media from print to video begins to tout Super Bowl commercials in an effort to get viewers to actually watch the advertisements. The ads are quite aweful to marginally cute but Media has substantially brainwashed the population around its Revenue Center (Advertising). In return, the price of a 30 second Super Bowl Advertising Slot has gone from $700,000 in 1992 (SB25) to $5 million for Super Bowl 50 in 2016.

The cost of a 30 Second Ad Slot (excluding production cost) has doubled in just the last ten years because Media (Hollywood, Broadcasters, etc.) successfully pulled the wool over consumers’ eyes while inducing advertisers to pay and convincing consumers to watch the overpriced and poorly designed advertisements! Even Budwiser, once the Ad King with cute and entertaining advertisements has gone the way of ridiculous advertisements.

So, the OSCARS are nothing more than another “Valentine’s Day” (a multi-billion dollar industry created by an advertiser looking to sell product) and Super Bowl Commercial. It’s Hollywood stroking Hollywood with calculated intent to sell consumers on ways to generate advertising revenues and push their vision of a world they could neither live in nor survive in outside of the United States of America.

Most readers may not recognize that the start of Hollywood public promotion of LGBT in television shows and movies coincided with the emergence of AIDS/HIV in the 1980s. Inclusion appeared as a response to revelations of how deep the disease reached into Hollywood’s population of actors, directors, writers and supporting workforce.

These shows were published as propaganda with an objective of influencing populations to think the LGBT community (consisting of 1% to 2% of the population) was “normal” and not a conscious choice, a personal exploration or unconscious reaction to psychological trauma. The propaganda grew into the hysterical idea that people in the LGBT community are born LGBT.

And, when Hollywood stood up last night to cheer an Iranian made film that has been best described as “anti-American”, they demonstrated just how deep ignorance in Hollywood goes. But, are they the only ones?

These freedoms Hollywood enjoys including choice, speech and ability of any LGBT to walk in public without reprisal does not exist in IRAN or the middle-east as a whole. And, such limitations when compared to the United States of America are unmatched in any country outside the U.S.A. Hollywood’s knowledge and recognition of Middle East cultures is nothing less than lacking but their ignorance is unmatched.

Actresses would never be able to wear the type of bikini they use to draw attention to themselves and raise their salaries. They’d be forced to succumb to the burkini and outside of the beach their pretty little faces would be hidden under a veil.

These women would be living in a society where men, without risk of reprisal can take their virtue on queue while the woman gets accused of violating the law and stoned to death for engaging in acts they had no choice in making.

Actresses and actors would never be able to use those vile mouths to disrespect the country, they couldn’t voice concerns openly and their LGBT support would have them rounded up and terminated. Their own foundation in the LGBT community would be cause for Hollywood to hide from itself and its Government.

And yet these “Hollywood Elites” have the nerve to support criminals, promote chaos in the streets, allow terrorist into our country, they standup for illegals crossing our borders and consuming taxpayer resources and financially support Politicians known to have lied to Congress and American Voters. And finally, the industry convey’s a “we are superior to you” message to consumers who buy into this fantasy world while taking their money.

President Trump Willing to Bypass Media

President Trump
Willing to Bypass Media


“I’m Making This Presentation Directly to the American People”


Despite dubious claims of Presidential Candidates “Barrack Hussein Obama” and “Hillary Rodham-Clinton” to be the most “transparent” Politicians in history, President Donald J. Trump is bypassing the Information Gatekeepers of Media and going directly to The People of America!

A video of President Trump’s press conference on Thursday, February 16, 2017 was not available on the White House Press Pages at the time of this writing but was Published by the New York Times along with a transcript prepared by the Federal News Service.

It’s usually difficult to watch or listen to an entire Presidential Press Conference but you couldn’t put this one down. For many, it’s refreshing to see a U.S. President stand up to Media Misdirection Calling Out Reporters and News Agencies (in plain English) for what they are and what they have become – in my word: Propagandist!

Get past President Trump’s “New York Speak” and you’ll see how different the White House speaks and sounds when a Republican is in office. Most millennials are oblivious to times when Congressional and White House Politics stood for and addressed all Americans. Only half of all Baby Boomers were old enough to understand the last time Media Organizations (calling themselves News) actually reported instead of sensationalize News content with disinformation. For some, baby boomers are your grandparents – its been that long.

Until recently, everyone suffered the faith of limited access to Washington and information we can now get from our phone. News Agencies that once simply failed to provide reliable details, have thrown aside journalism in favor of making up stories with twisted facts and rarely presenting the entire picture. The internet changed all that with unlimited time, white space, reach and methods of adoption still evolving in ways we’ve yet to imagine.

As a result, people no longer have to get their information second hand, three times washed, rinsed and filtered. No longer does the average reader need to be told what is being said outside our reach. Or, influenced to think what some subjective Reporter concludes “is what the Presidents actual words mean”! President Trump made it clear he is more than willing to bypass Media and talk to Americans directly.

And finally, we have an Administration that believes in and stands up for secrecy behind National Security. One reporter tried to exorcise President Trump citing the First Amendments’ “Freedom of the Press” when told you don’t get our secrets (paraphrased).

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Amendment I says nothing about the giving the press access to National Security Information. Obama, Bush and both their Congresses projected America’s defense plans in advance of execution. Bush gave Saddam Hussein as much as eighteen months to hide his weapons. And, Obama’s pre-announced plan to pull out of Iraq gave birth to a new wave of terrorist Obama subsequently called the “JV Team” (junior varsity) just before they attacked and kill Americans in Libya.

Leaked and “finally” revealed (via FOIA Request) emails from Clinton, Clinton’s “private server”, the DCCC and DNC surfacing during the 2016 Election Cycle exposed Collusion between Politicians and News Media who took steps to deceive Americans and influence the election outcome.

One such talking-point topic has been the “Popular Vote” which means nothing in electing a President in America where its “Electoral System” prevents power hungry Politicians backed by wealthy donors, corporate and individual special interest from stealing “The People’s Choice”! Any discussion of the “Popular Vote” related to a 241 year old “Electoral System” is intended to distract, misinform and mislead voters and news consumers.

Another has been this post-election storyline about Russia Hacking the 2016 Election (a closed system). Once the initial story faded, new information exposed Politicians who claim they knew about this effort long before the election. But, they’re not saying why Obama, Clinton, the DNC, DCCC or Democrat Politicians who are now crying foul – didn’t make it public before the 2016 Presidential Election. It’s highly curious because these very same groups and individuals pulled no stops in throwing everything they could at Donald J. Trump as a Presidential Candidate.

Hillary Clinton’s Presidential loss could mean more to Media than maybe the Clinton Campaign. Over the last several election cycles Media escalated its blatant proliferation of Political Propaganda in an effort to influence electoral outcomes favoring “Barrack Hussein Obama” in 2008 & 2012 and then “Hillary Rodham-Clinton” in 2016.

Even with all the negative made-up, unsubstantiated claims and stories published about Trump, America still elected President Donald J. Trump. Given Media’s opposition to President Trump, his election win suggest the Media business is in trouble.

It started in the UK with Brexit, then Americans voted and now rumors about Germany are proving average people are catching on to Media. This societal intellect combined with consumer’s unlimited choice in media sources is a major threat to Media’s “Status Quo” and revenue stream. Advertisers may be late to the game but they’re likely to catch on before publishers and broadcasters – if they’re not too busy cowarding to boycotts.

Perhaps disenchanted voters and corporate sponsors would have been better informed if they ignored Mass Media and surrogates that passed on misinformation published by the majority of Big Media Conglomerates that call themselves News. Without the protections of a “President Hillary Rodham-Clinton”, the same Media Corporations, their Journalist and Editors are running scared.

The only way Media and Washington’s Elite Politicians know how to defend themselves (or adapt) is to discredit and distract the population from the truth. Much like Hillary Clinton in how the story changed from “no classified information” to “nothing marked classified” to “those were classified later” even when originals contained classified markings!

Links on this page allow readers to get your information “Directly from the Horses’ Mouth”! And with President Trump’s roots in New York, the horse has a lot to say – and he says it in “New York Speak”. So, if you listen to the entire context of what he says, you’ll never have to guess what he means! Unless, you’re a reporter intent on misleading paid subscribers and the public at large.

Democrat Money Grab Targets Big Corporations

Ever wonder how Public Statements and Political Positioning correlate to the silent Money that support Politicians who publicly condemn industry like Wall Street, Banking and Energy.

The list below demonstrate huge hypocrisies or disparities with public statements and positioning of the Democratic Party and associated Political Groups like the DNC, DCCC and Government “PACs”.

The industry’s they condemn most are highlighted below with a sample list of corporations targeted for Political Donations. Putting it in context of Politicians, it’s usually “One Hand Washes The Other” [insert link to Pay-for-Play]. Not so uncommon, corporations that donate would like to influence their particular Interest too. So, they choose the Party and Politicians they can influence.

The first group we noticed are all Big Government Contractors targeted by the DCCC. They’re not household names and easily overlooked but they hold Special Interest and deep Congressional connections. Equally, most involve defense technologies – the stuff we don’t want to know about unless we’re a geek.


  • BAE Systems
  • Boeing
  • Honeywell
  • Lockheed
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Raytheon
  • United Technologies

 The most important group targeted by Democrat Politicians are Financial based! These are the types of corporations Democrat Politicians complain about publicly as a smoke screen, making a superficial showing for voters while taking money from the industry. The list is so broad it crosses multiple industries that include Wall Street, Banks and Insurance Companies.


  • Chicago Board Options Exchange
  • Depository Trust And Clearing Corporation
  • Investment Company Institute
  • Securities Industry And Financial Markets Association
  • Bankers Association
  • Capital One
  • Citigroup
  • CME Group
  • Ernst & Young
  • HSBC North America
  • Pinnacle West Capital
  • SunTrust Bank
  • UBS
  • US Bancorp
  • Wells Fargo 

Besides mortgage ownership and internal real estate investments within the Banking Industry, Insurance Companies may be the biggest owners of Commercial Real Estate in America.

The names may include “Insurance” and “Mutual” but make no mistake, Insurance Companies are among America’s Biggest Financial Institutions next to Wall Street Investment Firms and Banks. Add the Governments’ Health Insurance Industry take-over and we’ll likely find Washington Politicians in bed with many more insurance companies. 

  • Anthem
  • Cigna
  • Humana
  • Liberty Mutual
  • MetLife
  • Massachusetts Mutual
  • Nationwide Mutual
  • Prudential Financial
  • Pacific Life
  • State Farm
  • United Health Group
  • Zurich Holdings

Another industry Democrats are so publicly and vocally opposed to is Energy, Oil and Gas, etc.. Excluding the Renewable Energy companies Obama Funded with $4B in taxpayer dollars that started failing before his first term was over. Strangely, as Democrat Politicians publicly oppose Energy Companies like Financials, Democrats receive hundreds of millions, possibly billions in donations from the Energy Industry too. 

  • DTE Energy
  • Duke Energy
  • Ecolab Inc (energy)
  • Murray Energy
  • Valero Energy

All the companies listed above were money targets of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). See the list on TARP, DNC and Clinton Campaign for more detailed information about financial support and donations to Democrats made by Corporate and Financial Special Interest.