10 Must-Watch Cybersecurity Movies and Series in 2022

10 Must-Watch Cybersecurity Movies and Series in 2022


Cybersecurity is not any less exciting subject for a thriller than a story of a classic horror movie.

Who doesn’t like watching movies and sitcoms? Well, this gets a lot more interesting when it is cybersecurity – a genre full of exciting edge-of-the-seat and whodunit moments. Considering how much attention this particular field enjoys, the entertainment industry is nowhere behind in portraying the best of both worlds. On that note, have a look at 10 must-watch Cybersecurity movies and series in 2022.

Black mirror

This is one of those Sci-fi series that depicts the dark side of society’s obsession with technology. The plot of the series revolves around future technology that can go beyond helping people live well and even turn against us.

The Matrix

The Matrix is a sci-fi action cybersecurity movie wherein a hacker learns that he and the rest of humanity live in a simulated reality. He further learns that all of this is built by super-intelligent and sophisticated computers that aim to keep humanity as prisoners of war to use their bodies.

The IT Crowd

The IT Crowd has made it to the list of “top-rated” cybersecurity series ever since it made its appearance in the year 2006. The various moments of hacks throughout the series keep the audience hooked. Additionally, the comic angle given to the movie adds to its popularity.


Scorpion, a US cybersecurity series, is the story of a hacker who is genius enough to hack NASA’s servers. Later, this genius teams up with other tech freaks to create a community that aims to solve cybercrimes.


This is a story of an 18-year-old who meets a group of teenage hackers. They, together, uncover evidence of a massive embezzling scheme. What unfolds later in the story is how these hackers are accused of cyberattacks and creating a virus to capsize an oil fleet. Ultimately, they work together to prove their innocence and save themselves. All in all, this is a treat to the eyes!

Social Network

Social Network, an interesting cybersecurity movie, has a plot that revolves around Facebook and its owner – Mark. It does not just talk about how Mark came up with a multi-billion-dollar empire but also true friendship, love, betrayal, etc. – a mix of everything that is definitely worth watching!


This is an exclusive cybersecurity film that depicts the cybersecurity world on a global scale. The dark side of the cybercrime network is shown with utmost precision in detail. Well, you definitely cannot miss out on watching this one.

Who Am I

Its very motto – no system is safe, even a human being can be hacked – has grabbed the eyeballs. This is a story of a young social outcast who turns into a professional hacker only to create a mission that aims at hacking and humiliating large corporations.

Imitation game

This is one of the popular cybersecurity and hacking movies that has surprised everyone with the kind of effort put in to deliver the desired message. This drama revolves around the impeccable brilliance of a mathematician.

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is US-based cybersecurity and hacking series that offers a funny portrayal of the technology industry with start-ups and firms based on real-life organisations and companies. This twisted yet interesting plot is definitely worth a watch.

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Top 10 Cybersecurity Challenges to be Prepared for in 2022

Top 10 Cybersecurity Challenges to be Prepared for in 2022

Cybersecurity Challenges

Over the years, the number of cyberattacks has been increasing exponentially. As a matter of fact, the losses incurred by the organizations because of such attacks are insanely huge. The deficiency in the security systems has also resulted in certain companies going bankrupt. There is thus an urgent need for organizations to be fully prepared for the challenges in the cybersecurity domain. On that note, have a look at the top 10 cybersecurity challenges to be prepared for in 2022.

Mobile banking malware

It has been observed that there is a significant increase in mobile banking malware/attacks over the last couple of years. Financial information be it in the form of transactions, bank details, security passwords, etc are all under threat. The continued usage of mobile (smart) phones and their being subject to cyberattacks turns out to be a challenge that we all must be prepared for.


The last year has been quite promising for investors in the cryptocurrency market. However, what cannot go unnoticed is the fact that the year has also seen a good number of high-profile and high-value cryptocurrency thefts. The surging value of digital money and increased adoption of cryptocurrencies throw light on how the number of cyberattacks in this area is likely to increase in the coming year.

Deepfake technology

Cybercriminals have been successful at duping victims by accurately impersonating individuals by video or audio. They make use of the Deepfake technology to either impersonate the face or voice or both, of a person in order to carry out scams, fraud, and social engineering attacks. Such attacks are increasing with every passing day and therefore, pose as a challenge in 2022 and beyond.

Cyber Insurance

The increasing cyber-attacks have paved the way for the cyber insurance industry. However, the coverage of insurance has always been controversial as industry experts believe that insurance payouts are fuelling cyberattacks. Does the real challenge lie in how will this market change as more organizations adopt cyber insurance policies?

Social engineering threat

One term that has been doing rounds for quite some time (in the world of cybercrime) is that of a “social engineering threat”. Here, the hackers gain access to systems by manipulating the trust of users. All in all, human psychology is made use of to achieve nefarious goals. Even LinkedIn was harmed by this threat in 2021. Standing strong against this threat in the coming years continues to be a challenge.

5G network

Today, we have reached a stage where 5G network is ruling the globe. However, what goes unnoticed is that the likelihood of cyberattacks is also prominent. The cybercriminals stand the potential to unlawfully enter the 5G wireless networks and misuse the data collected or stored by the smart plus speedy gadgets. As the dependence on smart devices and 5G is going to see an upward trend in the coming days, we all have to be prepared for the cyberattacks that might arise as a result of the same.

Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices

The growing popularity of IoT as a result of their robust reaction-time and the lesser cost seems to be quite appealing. However, what is increasing equally is the number of cybercrimes. The hackers have succeeded at destroying the channel nodes. Thus, paying attention to this aspect in the coming days is critical.

Phishing attacks

Phishing attacks where hackers gather your card details (credit/debit), current location, and other sensitive info have seen a huge spike over the years. Taking adequate steps to at least reduce the number of such attacks is one of the most difficult challenges to face.


No wonder more and more organizations are relying on the cloud which is why the need for security measures to continuously monitor and update the processes in order to safeguard the data from leaks has become way more important. Hence, dealing with the cloud aspect of cybersecurity is yet another critical challenge to overcome in this technology-driven world.


With every passing day, the extent to which data is increasing with every passing day cannot be merely put into words. It is quite evident automation is integrated to give more sophisticated control over the information. What goes unnoticed is that complex web applications are hard to safeguard thus making automation and cyber security to be a key challenge to be prepared for.

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