China gravely miscalculated when it sent what it claimed was a “weather balloon” to violate U.S. national airspace. The balloon took a meandering journey across the Northwest, Midwest, and South. In the process, is was more than likely gathering real-time slow-motion data, like those filmed state documentary flyovers they run on PBS. Chinese intelligence’s version of Google Earth.

Maybe they were looking for good real estate to buy? A little farmland here, some minerals there, and, in between, some spying on military installations. Or maybe it was just a test to see the best path to scramble every electronic device in the United States using balloons equipped with an electronic pulse. That would paralyze everything from utility grids to air travel. What better way is there to locate the best path to wipe out all computer data across the United States? The ultimate ransomware.

Combine this photo and electronic surveillance journey with their TikTok data and 100,000 or so Chinese spies on the ground, and the Chinese Communists probably know more about what’s going on in the U.S. than do the voters. In a classified world, only Uncle Sam in Washington and Mini-Mao in Beijing are in on our country’s secrets. Like the wife who is being cheated on, voters may be the last to know what is happening in their own country.

The good news is the Chinese may have overplayed their hand. It was like a slow-motion spit in the face to the American public. Or maybe, given our media-addled brains, it was more like a litigation attorney from China running a blimp across the country screaming out, “Sue the bums who injured you, stole your technology, and destroyed your factories.”

Maybe it was a “Red China pill” for those Americans who haven’t been Red pilled about China’s malicious intentions. Americans are a people slow to anger, but don’t underestimate them. If only more young people would realize that an electronic pulse attack would erase all their social media data and turn their cell phones into door stops. That might really tick them off.

On the other hand, the Chinese didn’t miscalculate when it came to President Biden. He’s that guy in the office who seems to fall for phishing attempts over and over again. Warning him not to click on that link does no good. Warning him there is no Nigerian prince who wants to give him money doesn’t help. He only calls in the police or the IT department after they’ve already cleared out his bank account.

Oh, he did shoot down the balloon. But only after it gathered all the information it was going to gather and headed out to sea. Kind of like putting off that antivirus update until after the hackers are done and moving on to the ransomware phase of the scam.

It seems Biden and the geniuses in the military and intelligence community think they are playing some kind of deep chess with the Chinese. Given their penchant for losing wars and alienating the support of other countries, there is little reason to believe they are smarter than those bad, bad old school guys they disdain. You know, those simpletons who would send unambiguous messages and occasionally beat the crap out of other countries that were slow learners. Once upon a time that possibility was enough to deter this kind of nonsense.

But even if the military-intelligence complex has some super smart classified plan, with a great deep fake, when your opponent publicly spits in your face again and again, your friends around the world ditch you while your enemies join forces against you. It is not rocket science.

And what a missed opportunity. Team Biden has long been working to end tariffs on China. Eliminate tariffs? The minute the balloon entered U.S. airspace, they should have been jacked up on a percentage basis. For each hour over U.S. airspace, the tariff meter should have been clicking up. No need for warplanes. No need for an angry letter. No need to walk out of a meeting in a huff. When it comes to China, money talks. It is time to end all tariff reduction negotiations with China, and ideally, they should be increased. Make China pay.

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Also, an executive order is needed suspending all purchases of land, assets, businesses, and homes in the United States by the Chinese government, Chinese nationals, or any associated front groups, whether they are American corporations or not. A complete suspension is needed pending a thorough security review. And it better be more thorough than our security review of illegal aliens and terrorists crossing our southern border!

Will Biden do anything? Or will it be more of his “see nothing and do nothing” foreign policy? Biden has played the role of Sgt. Schultz in Hogan’s Heroes long enough. Ignoring clear and obvious threats to the United States is not in the interest of the American people. It is time Biden stopped playing fast and loose with special interests, the Wall Street China-Firsters, the major league sellouts in the sports world, and the Chinese Communist Party. It is time to restore respect for the United States on the world stage. The American people have had enough of China’s insults to our national sovereignty.