Malware hashes available for SharePoint and OneDrive. In addition to file hashes available for malware detected in non-Microsoft storage apps, now new malware detection alerts will provide hashes for malware detected in SharePoint and OneDrive. For more information, see our docs Malware detection. Admin audit enhancements. Additional admin activities have been added:

  • File monitoring status – switching on/off
  • Creating and deleting policies
  • Editing of policies has been enriched with additional data
  • Admin management: adding and deleting admins

Learn more about Admin activity logging our docs.

New app governance video library. App governance created a new library of short videos on features in app governance, how to use them, and info on how to learn more Expansion to Microsoft Teams. App governance added insights, policy capabilities, and governance for Microsoft Teams. Customers can now see data usage, permissions usage, and create policies on Teams permissions and usage. Microsoft Secure Score integration. Microsoft Secure Score integration with the app governance (AppG) add-on to Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps has reached general availability. AppG customers will now receive recommendations in Secure Score, helping them secure their Microsoft 365 OAuth apps. By following AppG-related recommendations and enabling proposed policy settings, enterprises can protect both apps and data from misuse and actual bad actor activity.  Predefined Policies. App governance now has more out of the box policies to detect anomalous app behaviors, such as spike in usage or suspicious new apps