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Lab Dookhtegan revealed the identity of several employees of the Cyber Corps and the Intelligence Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and identified these people as employees of two companies, “Naji Technology” and “Afkar System”, affiliated to the Intelligence Organization of the Islamic Republic.

In a report, a copy of which was sent to Iran International, Labdokhtegan introduced these people as those who “using intrusion and hacking tools, repeatedly attacked targets in America and Europe with the aim of extortion.”

Lab Dookhtegan has published a poster containing pictures and names of some of these hackers, in which the names of “Mansour Ahmadi”, “Ali Agha Ahmadi”, “Mohammed Agha Ahmadi”, “Mojtabi Motamad”, “Mahdi Damiyar” and “Mustafa Abbasi” It is mentioned as cyber employees of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Also, the names of other people including “Ahmad Khatibi”, “Hamid Zare”, “Amir Hossein Nik-Ain” and “Mustafa Haji Hosseini” are mentioned in this poster as other hackers affiliated with the IRGC.

According to the information published by Lab Dookhtegan, these hackers have extorted money from them using the security holes discovered in European and American organizations.

The American Cyber ​​Security Agency (CISA) announced last year that hacker groups supported by the Islamic Republic used the weaknesses of “Microsoft Exchange” and “Frontier” to infiltrate the network of a municipality and a children’s hospital.

Christopher Ray, the head of the US Federal Police (FBI), recently announced that hackers affiliated with the Iranian government planned to carry out a ransomware attack against Boston Children’s Hospital in the summer of last year.

He called the attack “despicable”.

Cyber ​​security researchers say that the method of hackers affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is similar to the method of North Korean hackers and that this country is a competitor of Iran’s government hackers in extortion from Western organizations.

According to the information received by the Lab Dookhtegan, IRGC hackers have previously hacked targets inside Iran and extorted information from them by stealing citizens’ information.