Identifying a knowledgeable and committed IT security partner is key to minimizing the impact of a cyberattack and even potentially preventing attackers from infiltrating assets in the first place. Such a partner recognizes that cybersecurity does not stop at protecting an individual product but instead requires a systemic approach, infusing security principles from product design, to testing and deployment, to establishing robust procedures for monitoring and incident response management. Technology providers can speak to their experience and best practices across many clients and provide evidence-based guidance for the most effective response plans.

The right partner can also help simplify the complexity and variety of one’s IT systems – the primary driver of security vulnerabilities and ineffective IRPs. While the recent surge in digital health innovation and adoption holds great potential for transforming care delivery, health systems need to prioritize end-to-end integration strategies that simplify and connect their tech infrastructure. This can help reduce an attacker’s entry points, streamline system monitoring, and can ultimately help to make security more manageable and cost-effective.

Recognizing the concerns of customers and patients and the critical role security plays across today’s interconnected digital ecosystems, Philips has an unwavering commitment to meeting the challenges of an evolving threat landscape to secure enterprise information systems. Philips’ strategy involves staying on top of emerging security vulnerabilities and potential external threats and collaborating with regulatory agencies, industry partners, and healthcare providers to close security loopholes and implement safeguards. By working alongside hospital IT departments at each step of their digital transformation and cybersecurity strategy, Philips can help to collaboratively identify a beneficial path forward to protect assets and help customers realize secure, connected care.

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