Tomorrow is 31 March 2022, and the last day of March is World Backup Day…

…which is a good time for us to remind you of a little saying that we like.

You’ll have heard it before if you listen to the Naked Security Podcast; if so, here it is again, because it’s advice that never gets old:

The only backup you will ever regret is the one you didn’t make.

Try saying that out loud to yourself every time you find yourself thinking, “Should I make a copy of my (thesis, source code, tax documentation, visa application, mortgage files, insurance claim, job offer) now, or should I leave it until (tomorrow, the weekend, year-end, never)?”

The good news about backups seems to be that more and more companies are taking the matter seriously, and not only making backups that remain intact after disaster strikes, but also recovering succesfully when needed.

We’re saying that because, in our State of Ransomware 2021 Survey, 57% of companies who had the misfortune to get hit by ransomware (about one-third of those who responded) were able to recover their data and get their business running again via their backups.

The bad news about backups, however, is that we still had 32% of ransomware respondents who were stuck with paying the criminals instead, which not only increased the cost of getting their business on its feet again, but didn’t work reliably anyway.

One-third of those in our survey who paid the ransom nevertheless ended up losing more than half their data, because even crooks who claim to “specialise” in ransomware and extortion don’t seem to know how to get the restoration part of the process right. A backup that you can’t reliably restore on demand isn’t a backup. It isn’t even a talisman. It gives you nothing but a false sense of security.