LG: I do. And then I can’t do anything with them. It’s just a dumb watch at that point. I see it come in. I see a Slack notification or an iMessage come in and I’m like, “OK, I need to address that.” There’s no way to interact with it on this watch. I will also say, I find myself taking this watch off more frequently when I’m headed into certain social situations, which I never did with my Apple Watch because the Garmin watch is bulky and it’s …

MC: You can say ugly.

LG: It’s not the most … It’s not the most attractive watch.

MC: I don’t think it’s ugly. I think most people in our social circle, I assume your social circle, would see it and be like, “Oh, it’s a Garmin watch.” And that says so much about you as person, right?

LG: Right. And that’s interesting too, that the Apple Watch does not say so much about you, if you’re wearing an Apple Watch anymore. In the early days it did, it was like, oh, you were a nerd, you were really into it. Or you were a tech reviewer. But now everyone has an Apple Watch.

MC: Or you worked at Apple.

LG: Right.

MC: In San Francisco, I just assumed that.

LG: Exactly. I don’t even know how much this thing costs anymore. There are so many Garmin watches. Let’s see, I’m looking this up right now. Boone, you can keep in the typing, typing, typing. The Fenix 5S, all right, it’s still not cheap. Let’s see, it looks like you can pick it up for as low as 400 bucks, but most places are listing it for 500. You get the Sapphire glass too.

MC: You can buy two Apple Watches for the price of the Fenix 5S.

LG: Oh, I love when this happens. I Googled this and the first thing that came up for news results was the Garmin Fenix 5S, is the fitness watch I don’t want to take off, and it stated March 30th, 2017, written by yours truly. So, yeah. Anyway, that’s my recommendation.

MC: Nice.

LG: A very old recycled recommendation.

MC: Nice.

LG: Mike, what’s yours.

MC: Thank you for telling us what time it is. My recommendation is a show called The Dropout and it’s on Hulu, you’ve probably heard of it. It’s the story of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos, and it is a fictionalized episodic account of that story. I was really on the fence about watching it, but I noticed that there were all of these shows coming out that have to do with things that were big in our world. There’s Super Pumped, the Uber show. There’s WeCrashed, which is the WeWork story. Then there’s this one, The Dropout. I don’t know why I selected this one first, just because I was in Hulu for something else, and I just clicked on it. It’s trashy, it’s not fantastic, but it is very funny. I really just like how over-the-top it is. There’s one scene, in particular, I’ve been talking about this for the last couple of days.