Give those screenshots of yours a quick eyeballing.

Eyeballer is meant for large-scope network penetration tests where you need to find “interesting” targets from a huge set of web-based hosts. Go ahead and use your favorite screenshotting tool like normal (EyeWitness or GoWitness) and then run them through Eyeballer to tell you what’s likely to contain vulnerabilities, and what isn’t.

Example Labels

Old-Looking Sites Login Pages
Sample Old-looking Page Sample Login Page
Webapp Custom 404’s
Sample Webapp Sample Custom 404
Parked Domains
Sample Webapp

There’s two things you need from the training data:

  1. images/ folder, containing all the screenshots (resized down to 224×224)
  2. labels.csv that has all the labels
  3. bishop-fox-pretrained-v3.h5 A pretrained weights file you can use right out of the box without training.

Copy all three into the root of the Eyeballer code tree.

Precision vs Recall, check out Wikipedia.