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Information security expert Alexander Vlasov, in a conversation with Moscow 24, suggested that the cyber war announced by the Anonymous hacker group is unlikely to affect ordinary citizens.

Previously, the Russian government was declared a cyber war by a group of computer hackers Anonymous.  This is stated in the statement of the band members on their Twitter.  They also claimed responsibility for carrying out a hacker attack on the website of the Russian TV channel RT.

According to Vlasov, hackers are unlikely to start by attacking social networks.  “I think that for now there is no danger that such a serious grouping will start with the social networks of private users. If it comes to them, then later,” the specialist says.  However, the expert advises citizens to remain vigilant and change passwords regularly to reduce the risk of any cyber attacks.  It is important that they have a lot of characters, this will increase reliability, adds Vlasov.

“War is not war, but passwords must be changed constantly. Usually in large corporate networks they are asked to change passwords every month. But I think if ordinary citizens change them every six months, then everything will be fine and normal,” the expert concluded.

Earlier, Denis Kuvikov, director of the SafeNet regional engineering center of the National Technology Initiative (NTI), warned that hackers have learned how to create fake Wi-Fi hotspots.  Thus, they have access to traffic to collect passwords from mail, accounts and other network resources, as well as data on payment cards.