An increasing number of FIFA 22 players are having their EA accounts hacked, with some of the game’s biggest streamers even falling victim.

Some of the most famous EA Sports FIFA 22 streamers, including Jamie Bateson (AKA Bateson87), NickRTFM, Trymacs, TisiSchubecH and FUT FG have had their EA accounts hacked in recent days, with their FUT clubs then being stripped of their coins and players.

FIFA 22’s trading community is also being targeted by hackers, with some of the game’s most successful traders including FUT Donkey, JoaoSeleiro, narcoinsfc (Wael) and lNoahHDl being hacked in recent days.

Reports suggest that the hackers are obtaining these players’ Gamertags or PSN ID, then contacting EA Help to wrongly claim that they have been locked out of their account.

In regards to EA Help, players don’t have to sign in to an account to start a live chat, and can ask to start a live chat by simply providing a name and an email address. What appears to be happening is that when the live chat begins, the hacker provides the Gamertag or PSN ID that they want to hack and they then claim that they would like to change the email address associated with the account.

Mirror Football has been told that for the majority of the time, the EA Help advisors follow the correct protocol and go through other security verification steps to verify that the person on the chat is the person who has access to the account, before agreeing to change the email address.

However, Mirror Football has been told that on rare occasions, the hackers are able to convince EA Help advisors to agree to change the email associated with accounts and even give out the current email associated with the account, just by stating a Gamertag or PSN ID, without asking for additional verification. Mirror Football has also seen screenshots of people successfully changing email addresses without additional security verification and without signing in.

This is why you will see a number of FIFA 22 players sharing screenshots of their email inbox on social media, with these inboxes being full of emails from EA Help asking them to verify their identity, because once the hackers obtain the Gamertag and PSN ID of the person they want to hack, they spam the above method in the hope of getting an EA Help advisor that doesn’t follow the correct security protocols. Once they do, they’re into the account and can strip the FUT club of coins and players.

At this stage, the hacker can then see sensitive, personal information. Therefore, even if the original owner of the account regains control, the hacker has already seen this information and can use it to hack the account again at a later date.

FUT Donkey, a prominent FIFA 22 Ultimate Team trader, has been detailing how their account was hacked on social media and has called for EA to acknowledge the issue.

“Just got hacked boys, finally people can stop blaming me for the hacks,” Said FUT Donkey on Twitter.

“I plan to take legal action, they gave my account to a random person via the live chat.

“Was a fun ride, see u guys in 23 I guess.

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“I told EA live chat 2 times to add notes to my account to put that my account was being targeted by hackers and to not change any details, and they still did it.

“Nothing more I could have done and tbh I shouldn’t have to do anything. It is basic security, disgusting stuff.”

FUT Donkey also shared evidence of their email inbox, which shows various emails asking them to verify their identity, with the hackers appearing to use their email address to try and gain control of their account through an EA Help adviser.

EA will likely work with high-profile streamers to restore their accounts, but social media is flooded with FIFA 22 players who have had no luck restoring their accounts through official channels, including FUT Donkey and numerous other players.

Players have also started an online petition in order to drive change at EA in regards to this EA.

Mirror Football has contacted EA for a comment on this story and is awaiting a response.

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