To connect our people with the latest ideas, a vibrant firmwide network links Booz Allen with outside research leaders from across the global academic community. We actively collaborate with computer science labs and math departments at Harvard University, Syracuse University, the Montreal-based Mila institute, and other organizations. And our university-wide master collaboration agreement with the University of Maryland Baltimore County lets Booz Allen practitioners work on interdisciplinary projects with any professor from any department. Open access to academic environments enables our people to hone their expertise, often at the Ph.D. level, while continuing to build careers in industry.

We support emerging researchers by providing them with mentoring and ongoing opportunities to explore transformational AI concepts. A Booz Allen initiative provides computer science and math graduates from universities including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard with opportunities to author papers and conduct other research activities. Participants build on their prior undergraduate and graduate course work and their university research projects to rapidly hone skills and publish findings. We have also helped members of the University of Notre Dame’s ESTEEM program complement their advanced science and engineering backgrounds with learning experiences in entrepreneurship and innovation.

AI practitioners who bring their talents to Booz Allen benefit from world-class technical capabilities that open up new avenues for research. We invest in advanced computing infrastructure both to support specific client projects and to expand internal research opportunities. Booz Allen teams use a newly built, state-of-the-art graphics processing unit (GPU) cluster to explore their areas of research focus across AI-related disciplines, from adversarial AI and malware detection to computer vision, natural language processing, and more.

By investing in research as a powerful foundation for our business, we seek to create new knowledge and help the world better understand the promise of AI. What sets Booz Allen apart is the unique opportunity we have, as the largest provider of AI services to the federal government, to turn our research into real-world applications that transform how agencies solve challenging problems and achieve mission goals, whether it’s serving citizens more efficiently, turning raw data into intelligence insights, strengthening public health, or thwarting adversaries in cyberspace and on the battlefield. The unique needs of our clients then refine our research, ensuring our long-term work has real-world impact.

Read more than 60 research papers from Booz Allen experts and explore career opportunities to learn more about how we engineer the next AI solutions on a foundation of peer-reviewed research and practical innovation.