Hackers tend to get a bad reputation online because some people who have good hacking skills end up using them in bad ways — stealing people’s personal information like credit cards or even stealing someone’s identity.

However, there are some groups of hackers who use their skills for good like the infamous hacktivist group ‘Anonymous,’ who are known for their cyberattacks against malicious governments or bodies.

But one less well-known example of good-deed hackers is an organization called Trace Labs.

‘Trace Labs’ volunteers to help find missing people using hacking skills.

“Trace Labs is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to accelerate the family reunification of missing persons while training members in the trade craft of open source intelligence (OSINT),” reads their ‘Who We Are’ page.


Robert Sell is the founder of Trace Labs and has a background in search and rescue and is a computer security professional.

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“I get to see all the people that go missing and as I was paying attention to that, I noticed that there’s a lot of people that go missing that we never look for,” he said during a short documentary by Freethink. “I always wondered, ‘who’s looking for those people if I’m not?’ Sometimes it’s nobody.”

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