Photon is a relatively fast crawler designed for automating OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) with a simple interface and tons of customization options. It’s written in Python. Photon essentially acts as a web crawler which is able to extract URLs with parameters, also able to fuzz them, secret AUTH keys, and a lot more.


Termux, Windows (7 & 10), Mac, and works as expected. Feel free to report any bugs you encounter.

exported as json.


Control timeout, delay, add seeds, exclude URLs matching a regex pattern and other cool stuff. The extensive range of options provided by Photon lets you crawl the web exactly the way you want. to be used as seeds by using --wayback option.

Development project board.

Updates can be installed & checked for with the --update option. Photon has seamless update capabilities which means you can update Photon without losing any of your saved data.


usage: [options]

  -u --url              root url
  -l --level            levels to crawl
  -t --threads          number of threads
  -d --delay            delay between requests
  -c --cookie           cookie
  -r --regex            regex pattern
  -s --seeds            additional seed urls
  -e --export           export formatted result
  -o --output           specify output directory
  -v --verbose          verbose output
  --keys                extract secret keys
  --clone               clone the website locally
  --exclude             exclude urls by regex
  --stdout              print a variable to stdout
  --timeout             http requests timeout
  --ninja               ninja mode
  --update              update photon
  --headers             supply http headers
  --dns                 enumerate subdomains & dns data
  --only-urls           only extract urls
  --wayback             Use URLs from as seeds
  --user-agent          specify user-agent(s)

Contribution & License

You can contribute in the following ways:

  • Report bugs
  • Develop plugins
  • Add more “APIs” for ninja mode
  • Give suggestions to make it better
  • Fix issues & submit a pull request

Please read the guidelines before submitting a pull request or issue.

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