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 Yeah, it’s true Phishing is becoming more and more popular nowadays like crazy and the last thing you would hate to hear nowadays is your Facebook account getting since Facebook is becoming more of a job and also a business to many of us. Many of you especially in my Home Country Uganda I’m sure your so familiar with such incidences of people hacking big Facebook pages and other celebrities losing their accounts. Well say no more to that and if you are worried about losing your account too, follow these steps below to ensure privacy on your account.

How Phishers gain access to Facebook Account

Well for these hackers to gain access to your account they need to know the following info

  • Contact(phone number or Email) used for login
  • Password

But the first one first is the most essential to hack you because even if they figure out your password they can’t log in into your account.

However, Facebook has an option where if you forgot your account you can just search your name and also that will be trouble if they know your password and the screenshots below show you how easy it is for a phisher who has figured out your password to login into your account.

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Take These extra steps to Secure your Facebook Account
Don’t worry even if they know everything like password and other stuff, with this extra layer of security added to your account they won’t be able to even stand a chance. Follow the step by step process below:
  1. Login in to your Facebook account at and go to settings and privacy
  2. Click on settings
  3. Click Security and Logins
  4. Youll see an option that shows you where you logged in
  5. I want you to remove all the devices which see on the list and you no longer use them
  6. After That scroll down you’ll see an option That states “Two-Authentication and this is the most important security feature that will help to protect your account and this works this, If facebook notices an attempted login from a location, browser or device,you’ll be notified and they will ask that person who has attempted to login a password and verification code of which a verification code is only sent to you.
  7. To use this feature all you need to do is to continue with the process and click on ”use two-factor authentification and you’ll be given 3 security options to choose from which include:
  • The first one you’ll be required  to use an authentication app which will use an app like Google Authenticator or Duo Mobile to generate verification codes for more protection
  • The second one is Text messages(SMS) which will Use text message (SMS) to receive verification codes. For your protection, phone numbers used for two-factor authentication can’t be used to reset your password when two-factor is on.
  •  The third security option is by use of a Security Key which will require you to Use a physical security key to help protect your Facebook account from unauthorized access. You won’t need to enter a code.

Choosee between anyone of  those 3 bad boys and trust me no hacker will stand a chance to hack your account.If you found this article informative please share it with friends and also check out my youtube channel link is below and subscribe.