Roles and Responsibilities: The Chief Information Security Officer is responsible for protecting people, assets, infrastructure, and technology. A CISO plays a critical role in assessing risks and acting in the best interest of the company to eliminate threats. This profession quantifies any security risks, monitoring downtime issues, major and minor security incidents, assessing the cost per incident, impact on the customer, and the time taken to resolve the issues. Once a threat is spotted, a CISO establishes the right security and governance practices and makes a framework for risk-free and scalable operations in several challenging business landscapes. 

Average Salary (Per Annum) – US$166,498 


  • Understanding of SMTP, DNS, HTTP, Network routing, VPN, and other technologies
  • Understanding of spam, phishing, fraud, and other behaviors considered to be abusive
  • Understanding of Digital Millennium Copyright Act, trademark, intellectual property, Safe Harbor Provisions, GDPR, and other federal and international legal precedents which speak to abusive activities
  • Ability to read and analyze multiple log formats
  • Detail-oriented (the devil is in the details); ability to scrutinize and discern abusive content
  • Customer relations & support.

Top Online Courses:

Chief Information Security Officer by Cybrary: In this online CISO certification training course, you will learn what other CISO’s are focusing their time and attention on. Among the key topics, you’ll learn how to implement the proven best practices that make for successful cyber security leadership. The CISO course includes the following key topics; Governance, Management, Auditing, Projects, Technologies, Operations, Strategy, and Financing.

CISO Program by EC-Council: The CCISO Certification is an industry-leading program that recognizes the real-world experience necessary to succeed at the highest executive levels of information security. In this course, you will learn the various phishing solutions, get live in-person training, connect with other CCISOs, and other resources like whitepapers, webinars, and podcasts. 

Top Institutes Offering the Program:

  • CISO Certificate at Carnegie Mellon University

Top Recruiters for This Job:

IBM: International Business Machines Corporation is a multinational technology company with operations in over 171 countries. IBM produces and sells computer hardware, middleware, and software along with hosting and consulting services for mainframe computers and nanotechnology. 

Pratum: Pratum is an information security services firm that helps clients’ risky challenges. The company guides organizations for the right balance of information security, IT risk management, and compliance. 

GSK: GSK is a British multinational company that focuses on pharmaceuticals. Legacy products developed at GSK have been listed in the WHO’s list of essential medicines.

SAP: SAP is a German multinational software corporation that develops enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. 

Collibra: Collibra helps enterprises make data meaningful with the right insights and algorithms. Using True Data Intelligence, Collibra enables organizations to unlock the value of their data for strategic and competitive assets.