About WMK

WMK Technologies is a custom software development company.

We specialize in complex enterprise solutions development using the latest AI ML and IoT technologies, namely ERP & CRM systems; modules to existing software in various verticals: retail, logistics, financial, e-commerce, construction and more, providing a working partnership with many clients and ensuring the successful delivery of multidisciplinary technological projects.

Since 2018 we have been constantly improving and expanding our expertise, mastering the latest technologies and utilizing them in the software development, as well as covering more and more industries.

Having made a choice in favor of our company, customers appreciated the professionalism, thoroughness, rationalism and high responsibility of our team at each stage of product development implementation.

Having a good command of Microsoft technologies our team can realize a project of any complexity for the clients. In addition, our in-house team of designers are well-known and high-ranked among the professional creative society. Our analysts are successful for their rigorous and forward-thinking approach. They create SRS, wireframes, and program architecture according to the client’s demands. So, you will get such solution, which will be flexible for the future business growth.

The key factors of our work at WMK technologies are efficient interaction with the customer, high proficiency of the team and achieving of best timely results. Working with us you can be sure in the reliability and success of created solution, which will fully satisfy all your requirements.

Create your innovative model of business with WMK technologies team. Your ideas and our digital transformation implementation will drive you to the next level.