The amount of data generated on a day-to-day basis is humungous so much so that the term given to identify such a large volume of data is coined as “big data”. Big data is usually raw and cannot be used to meet business objectives. Thus, transforming this data into a form that is easy to understand is important. This is exactly where machine learning comes into play. With machine learning in place, it is possible to understand the customer demands, their behavioral pattern and a lot more thereby enabling the business to meet its objectives. For this very purpose, companies and experts rely on certain machine learning tools. Here is our find of top machine learning tools used by experts in 2021. Have a look!


Keras is a free and open-source Python library popularly used for machine learning. Designed by Google engineer François Chollet, Keras acts as an interface for the TensorFlow library. In addition to being user-friendly, this machine learning tool is quick, easy and runs on both CPU and GPU. Keras is written in Python language and functions as an API for neural networks.


Yet another widely used machine learning tool across the globe is KNIME. It is easy to learn, free and ideal for data reporting, analytics, and integration platforms. One of the many remarkable features of this machine learning tool is that it can integrate codes of programming languages like Java, JavaScript, R, Python, C, and C++.


WEKA, designed at the University of Waikato, in New Zealand is a tried-and-tested solution for open-source machine learning. This machine learning tool is considered ideal for research, teaching I models, and creating powerful applications. This is written in Java and supports platforms like Linux, Mac OS, Windows. It is extensively used for teaching and research purposes and also for industrial applications for the sole reason that the algorithms employed are easy to understand.


Shogun, an open-source and free-to-use software library for machine learning is quite easily accessible for businesses of all backgrounds and sizes. Shogun’s solution is entirely in C++. One can access it in other development languages, including R, Python, Ruby, Scala, and more. Everything from regression and classification to Hidden Markov models, this machine learning tool has got you covered.

Rapid Miner

If you are a beginner then there cannot be a better machine learning tool to start with other than Rapid Miner. It is because of the fact that it doesn’t require any programming skills in the first place. This machine learning tool is considered to be ideal for text mining, data preparation, and predictive analytics. Designed for business leaders, data scientists, and forward-thinking organisations, Rapid Miner surely has grabbed attention for all the right reasons.


TensorFlow is yet another machine learning tool that has gained immense popularity in no time. This open-source framework blends both neural network models with other machine learning strategies. With its ability to run on both CPU as well as GPU, TensorFlow has managed to make it to the list of favourite machine learning tools.