Subterfuge in the Absence of Truth


The Complete Context

Nearly everything Media publishes is out-of-context, misleading, based on false premises and inference. Syndication and consolidation within related industries has led to the structured coordination and distribution of subterfuge in the absence of truth, facts and content that matters.

You’ve probably already seen or heard about the altered stint video staring Donald Trump (now President) and Media Outlet CNN.

CNN responded with the latest accusations from Media, “It is a sad day when the President of the United States encourages violence against reporters“. Although such statements fail to recognize Media sweeping contributions to and the encouragement of violence.

Journalist must have been sleeping early Sunday when they rushed to publish story’s about the video clip. Most took an opportunity to stick another spike into their personal archives of trashing the President.

Keeping with Media’s agenda to publish information out of context nearly every reporter failed to present the video clip in the full context of the subject matter tweeted by President Trump.

The video clip was the forth in a series of five (5) related tweets about “Fake & Fraudulent News Media”.

The content of the Presidents’ tweets centered on Media’s attempts to influence “Republicans and others” that the President should not use social media. He also points out Media’s ignorance to his success in using social media to fight fake news.

Tweet Supporting VeteransDuring a 16 hour break between the initial tweets and the video tweet President Trump published one tweet in support of our “GREAT VETERANS” just before 10:00pm. Another jab at Fake News followed the video tweet.

Any objection to the Presidents’ use of social media is related to diminishing revenue. Historically Media was the consumers’ gatekeeper to Politicians from Main Street to Washington. As the worlds gatekeeper, Media has been the largest benefactor in the form of advertising revenue.

Now, the reputation of Media is being challenged not only by consumers but also a President willing to use “his right to free speech” and challenge the schoolyard bully. President Trump has no reservation to calling out the lies Media publishes and the bully doesn’t like it.

This contrast with President Obama who utilized Media as a Propaganda Machine for the White House and Department of State who used Media to influence elections and mislead America on a number of propaganda issues originating within the American Government.

Fake News TweetIt started with the lies surrounding ObamaCare and escalated to lying about Benghazi that exposed illegal private severs. The propaganda then rose to fake news about Russian collusion that more and more appears to be election tampering by the previous administration.

It’s not only the subject matter of what Media publishes but the forked-tongue, two-faced, double standard bait-n-switch methodologies imposed on consumers by those who cover Politics.

Recent objections and up-rise regarding tweets about Mika Bazinski ignore two important facts and observations.

Starting with the “facts” that Morning Joe, such host, co-hosts and guests have been bashing Trump since he became a candidate. And they ratcheted up the rhetoric sequentially with each of Donald Trump’s successes.

To some perhaps the approach this President takes doesn’t appear presidential. On the surface, all other matters ignored… maybe?

Maybe not… considering the same Media published Government Propaganda to intentionally conceal major lies and subsequent criminal acts of President Barrack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

These media organizations have been virtually silent on the biggest crimes committed against the American Public since Watergate and continue to misdirect consumers about the economic impact and damage of ObamaCare, lies about the terrorist attack in Benghazi and how/why Hillary Clinton was nominated by the DNC.

Its seems all the complaints published by Media may be a smoke screen to distract readers from a couple of damming truths in the observations Trump tweeted.

For example, it appears Mika and Joe had invited themselves to Mar-Lago on multiple occasions. Meaning they showed up on Donald Trump’s doorstep uninvited and tried to crash the party. Apparently, Mika remained in questionable health related to a recent facelift on one of those occasions.

The entire industry has evolved to treat consumers as intellectually challenged and the last good story Media stumbled upon was Watergate in 1972. By todays Media standards, the Watergate story was publishing only because Republicans were involved.