Media was all a buzz as were the people who voted in the 2016 Election. Back in July, Comey gave Team Clinton a pass on the basis there was no intent. Or should we say, no intent “management coulda/woulda” decipher to justify bringing criminal charges against Hillary Clinton. The exodus and wrath of dissenting FBI Agents suggest otherwise. Even the the Anthony Weiner/Huma Abedin laptop and recent FBI announcements add curiosity and concern to the mix

However, this work is not about FBI agents but what these investigations do reveal and what has been confirmed yet ignored in recent decisions on criminality – based on the laughable absence of intent.

NOTE: In many cases regarding National Security, law does not require “intent” for someone who violates law to be found guilty. Should we consider how many times Court Judges tell Defendants (regular Citizens) “ignorance of the law is not an excuse” and find them guilty?

But here are just five points that do prove intent!

1. Hillary Clinton lied about the handing of “Classified Information”

This is an intentional act of concealment. The often changing talking points (i.e.: excuse from Clinton) further validates intent because this message was tweaked every time new information was discovered. Each tweak a succession of lies!

2. Hillary Clinton set-up and maintained a Private Server for eMail Communications

Again, this is an intentional act of concealment.

The only reason to setup a communications server outside of the US Government System she was required (by law, oath and/or policy) to use as Secretary of State – is an intent to conceal. Team Clinton has repeatedly said this was done for the purpose of convenience.

Convenience doesn’t fly and here’s why!

Any smart phone for the last several years has supported collection of electronic mail from multiple sources (email accounts and servers) just as most desktop mail applications support multiple accounts. Six or seven years ago, ‘some’ smart phones may not have supported multiple accounts. But such a limitation could have easily been rectified by selecting a different phone, or asking the manufacturer to modify the software.

In addition, the U.S. Government presumably has the resources to make those modifications in-house. But throw a $100,000 at the hardware manufacturers’ software developer to make a $1,000 modification and swoosh, it’s done.

Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation probably spent ten times that setting up and maintaining the external server, unsecured, located in an unsecured facility, maintained and accessed by unauthorized personnel.

3. Hillary Clinton was not forthcoming about that server. (another lie – legal evasion in lawyer terms)

For nearly eight years Obama and Hillary Clinton have claimed to be the most transparent Administration in U.S. history. If this were true, why setup a private server and then conceal the server existed?

Hillary Clinton was not forthcoming about this server to anyone except those in her inner circle! Which included President Obama (a modern tech user) who misrepresented knowledge of this server device.

Presence of an external server was found indirectly by examining email to/from messages of people who communicated with Clinton on a regular basis.

Despite the fact that Obama has used Executive Privilege regarding his communications with Secretary of State Clinton, discovery of President Obama’s misrepresentations was disclosed in the same ‘indirect’ manner through chains of emails passed through this server. Additionally, Obama used a pseudo account too.

4. Hillary Clinton’s Private Server was intentionally Erased “of all data” before turning it over to the FBI/Congress

Internal messages released by WikiLeaks in combination with other sources revealed the necessary steps to remove all traces of data on Hillary Clinton’s Private Server were taken within hours of a Congressional Hearing and issuance of a Subpoena to produce those electronic messages.

If Hillary Clinton was a trustworthy Government employee, there would be no reason at all to erase all data from a server’s hard disc. Wedding and yoga messages were not what other Government Agencies and Congress were interested in. And, they’re not that interesting!

But the server hard drive(s) were erased long before the existence of the server became known and subsequently handed over to investigating agencies. This erasure process coincided with the issuance of a Subpoena to hand over the data.

Had the issuing agency(ies) known about a private, non-government, unsecured external server being used for top secret and internal State Department business activities, the Subpoena would certainly have been expanded to cover this equipment.

5. Team Clinton destroyed multiple communication devices outside Government procedures.

Again, concealment is the only reason to destroy devices outside of the US Government Systems and Procedures Hillary Clinton was required to use as Secretary of State.

Any lie is an attempt to conceal, mislead and/or deceive.
    Including the “ground zero” story about Benghazi and a Video!

Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, forth (4th) in the Line of Succession for the Presidency and outside of Congress, second (2nd) to the President in making decisions and recommendations that affect this Country and its Citizens.

No one should believe Hillary Clinton was given this position without being proficient enough to have the position.

So, if John Doe, a regular guy, blue collar worker can read the law and understand its requirements, Hillary Clinton certainly knew the difference and accordingly — the legal requirements.

Additionally, Wiki-Leaks revealed this ‘unsecured private server’ was a topic of discussion and high level concerns of Clinton’s inner circle and other people working for her. They all knew the difference too!


A vote for Hillary Clinton, was a vote to continue this Now Transparent Intent to “Deceive the American People“.