In a Jan 23, 2017 interview between Kellyanne Conway (Counselor to President Trump) and Sean Hannity at Fox News, Ms. Conway makes a very smart observation.

“If they (White House Reporters) snark, if they roll their eyes, if their Twitter feed is filled with 92 percent anti-Trump tweets, they’re not being reporters, they’re being opinion columnists,”… “They’re being professional political hacks and pundits, and we have a right to call that out.”

Not only does the President of these United States “have a right to call them out”, but the Administration has a right to kick them out – with the peoples support. “Reporters” assigned to the White House are supposed to be News Reporters and not Opinion Columnists. (“supposed to be” are the key words!)

Many “Reporters” are proving themselves to be Opinion Columnists as Kellyanne describes. Would consumers benefit if they were kicked-out of the White House Press Room? Opinion Columnists do not report “News” no more than a Tabloid publishes facts consumers will use to form an opinion and subsequently vote on issues important to America.

This is why White House Reporters are supposed to be News Reporters and not Opinion Columnists – personal Opinions have no business in the Press Corps, utilizing White House resources and consuming the valuable time of real News Reporters who will correctly and effectively communicate White House News to Voters.

People Magazine, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Star, National Inquirer do not have White House reporters for a reason, they do not report news – they sensationalize stories – usually useless nonsense based on the high moral grounds of a small clic.

Over the last eight years with a foundation documented in film 80 years ago, Media has conducted itself in much the same manner as the Hitler Propaganda Machine. The only difference, its foundation has always been backed by wealthy media connected moguls who have sought to control pieces of the country through manipulation of our political process and the politicians they cover.

Hollywood use to depict life in early America fairly correctly in old westerns and most notably in the 1939 film, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” with James Stewart. While Wikipedia does a great job of outlining the story, the back-story is entirely missing.

From the beginning of the story, as soon as Mr. Smith (a patriotic and relatively simple man of conviction to country and its people) arrives, all Washington News Reporters do is trick him into looking like a total buffoon while having a laugh at his and the country’s expense.

The real story in the film is how a Congressman and influential News Barron manipulates a story about what Mr. Smith is saying during a filibuster he stages once he discovers the Congressman (who recruited Mr. Smith for the job) is using his position as a Congressman to enrich himself in the private sector.

Eighty years later and Media’s once covert attempts at manipulating news in an effort to influence voters and what the country believes is no longer a hidden objective. Media of all types have complained about the Internet since its inception. Politicians jumped on that bandwagon as soon afterwards. What they really fear is being exposed for the lies, sensationalism, misdirection and manipulation they have survived on for centuries.

During the 2016 election cycle, Media and the DNC were exposed (via WikiLeaks) of its collusion and conceited efforts to manipulate the outcome of the 2016 Election. No one denied it and only a few News Agencies with integrity reported on it. Similar to the absence of News Reporting during 2012 when a “video” was blamed by Clintons’ Team to cover up the shortcomings of the Obama Administration just eight weeks before the 2012 Election.

In 2008, it was the Journo-List Group of 450 Professional and Employed Reporters who’s open, publically published written mission was to distract readers from anything negative revealed about then Presidential Candidate Barrack Hussein Obama using misinformation and disinformation.

The entire foundation of the Journo-List Group was to influence the Vote via published stories in favor of a two term Senator with an entire political background rooted in corrupt special interest. With the combined reach of their collective news agencies, they had the power and stated objective to influence the outcome of the 2008 Presidential Election.

So was it coincidental that Obama, the DNC, Media and Clinton Campaign worked together in 2016. Hillary Clinton, while still under FBI and Congressional investigations, exposed of lies to America, Congress and Concealment (private server) was supported by the DNC who colluded to give her the Nomination. Bernie Sanders with a turnout of 25,000 in Los Angeles alone was by far the more popular Democrat Candidate.

Bottom line: White House “Reporters” who prove they are Opinion Columnists, should lose their credentials, clearance and be shown the door. News Agencies who replace them with similar pundits should be given the same consideration as one would give Cosmopolitan and People.

The alternative is one that could put Political segments of Media Industry completely out of business. President Trump and all Government Agencies could easily go direct to consumers (voters) by publishing all Press Events on the Internet. Consumers don’t need some opinionated hack telling them what “they think people say”, when they can hear it in full context directly from the horse’s mouth.